Writing Resources

The CTSE has gathered the following writing tools and worksheets. Most are available as PDFs or Word documents so that you can tweak them as necessary for your own writing and research needs.

Check out the following resources for assistance with your writing, publishing, and productivity:

  • Calendar Templates
  • Beginning Steps: Not sure where to begin? Try one of these small organizational projects to get your writing on track.
  • Project breakdown sheet: If your writing project is overwhelming you, break it down into small, medium, and large pieces to get started.
  • Research follow-up activity log: Collecting data over the long-term? Use this log to keep track.
  • Scholarly pipeline visual: Track your ideas, in-process work, the pieces that are under review, and those that are published to see where the gaps are in your scholarly pipeline.
  • Writing energy audit: Keep this log of all your writing projects to see where your writing energy goes each semester.
  • Writing schedules: Are you a morning writer or a night owl? Here are some suggestions to get you started with a writing schedule.
  • Writing projects list: Are you having a hard time keeping track of all the writing projects on your plate? List them out with this guide and you’ll have the intended publication outlet and status of all your writing projects in one place.

The CTSE also has several books on writing and publishing in our lending library.