Apply for CPT

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is an opportunity for international students in F-1 status to participate in professional, temporary employment such as an internship, co-op program, practicum, or similar situation, which is undertaken prior to the completion of studies.

The training must either be a required part of the established curriculum, or something for which the student will receive academic credit, or training/experience that is deemed integral to the course of study.

Students are eligible for Curricular Practical Training after they have completed two full semesters (fall and spring) in valid F-1 status (including enrolling full-time each semester and possessing a valid I-20). Time spent on an approved full-time study abroad program may be counted toward the two-semester requirement as long as the student has completed one semester in the U.S. before studying abroad.

This form can be obtained by contacting the ISSO Office.