Ram Academy

Ready to jump right into life at Suffolk? Get a head start by attending Ram Academy—a unique way to learn, grow, and connect with both the Suffolk experience and your fellow new students. It’s also a great way to have fun before classes officially begin!

At Suffolk, we always encourage students to explore new possibilities and never stop learning. If you’re ready to start your journey as soon as possible, sign up for one of our specially designed Ram Academy sessions! These experiences focus on different aspects of the Suffolk experience—choose the path you want to forge as a student here.

Ram Academy Session Topics

Boston: Arts & Culture

Dive into Boston’s vibrant arts and culture scene. We’ll explore museums (and maybe make a little art ourselves!), attend plays or comedy shows, visit music venues, and tour the historic neighborhoods that make our city so special. Come meet a great group of like-minded students, faculty, and staff who are just as excited about arts and culture as you are.

Multiculturalism & Social Justice

You’ll focus on building community and connections through social justice, engaging in dialogues on access and equity. You’ll also learn to find—and amplify—your voice so you can help effect social, political, and environmental change at Suffolk and far beyond.


Learn about your own natural leadership abilities, how to work in teams, how to challenge yourself and others to reach new goals, and how you can grow as a leader at Suffolk. If you choose this session, you should check out Suffolk’s unique Journey Leadership Program next!

Service-Learning & Community Engagement

Come explore Boston through a social justice lens! You and your fellow new students will participate in several volunteer projects and civic engagement programs at local community-based organizations. You’ll enjoy community-building activities and engaging discussions that will hone your skills in leadership, service, and social justice.