Why Choose Suffolk?

Because a Suffolk education isn't traditional, and neither are our students. Spend more time out of the classroom and experiencing your education in the real world. Make connections in the heart of Boston, and forge your own path to your new future, all with Suffolk University.

By definition, our location offers uncommon possibilities no matter who you are or what you're into. Suffolk's campus literally is Boston, and the things that make our university special go beyond our address alone.

Suffolk University campus aerial view

At Suffolk, you'll experience things you just can't find anywhere else, but that's just the beginning:

  • 96% of graduates are working or in graduate school within one year of graduation
  • 60+ academic programs offered
  • 50+ study abroad opportunities —including our Suffolk campus in Madrid, Spain
  • 94% of incoming freshman receive some type of financial aid
  • 120+ student clubs and organizations
  • 19 NCAA Division III athletic teams

Interested in learning more about your options at Suffolk? Check out our Lookbook [PDF] and get all the information you need for the next steps to take on your journey to join the Suffolk Community [PDF].

Student in profile walking past building in downtown Boston

Suffolk University: You Are In

00:08 What's the typical Suffolk student like? Sorry, trick question.

00:14 There is no typical Suffolk student. Your Suffolk education

00:17 will follow the paths you choose. Paths that span the world to

00:21 experiences you can't find anywhere else and maybe never

00:24 imagined. Paths that bring you face to face with new people, new

00:28 ideas and new ways of learning.

00:32 Maybe you'll work as a volunteer helping refugees in Lebanon like

00:36 Karine did, putting your passions to work in ways that make a

00:40 real difference in the lives of real people. Or maybe you'll start

00:44 a real estate Investment club and become a licensed realtor in

00:47 your freshman year, like Christian did, finding professional

00:50 opportunities for jump start on your career throughout our

00:53 downtown Boston campus. Maybe you'll broadcast live all over

00:57 New England, like Hannah did, learning from hands-on experiences

01:01 and applying new skills and. World beyond campus—before you

01:05 even graduate. Maybe you'll come to Boston from a small island

01:08 nation, throwing yourself into building a more inclusive campus

01:12 and speaking at your own commencement, like Malik did, all with

01:16 the support of a diverse community that hears all voices and

01:19 enables all students to achieve the goals that are important to

01:22 them. And maybe you'll study abroad in Italy, visit Madrid with

01:27 our Global Gateway Program, like Sophia did, broadening your

01:30  perspectives and deepening your compassion by forging

01:33 connections with people from all over the world. The time you

01:37 spend at Suffolk will change you. It will make you flexible,

01:41 adaptable, and nimble enough to excel in a world that's

01:44 changing, too. This is not a typical college experience.

01:49 It’s not meant to be.

01:56 This is Suffolk University, and you are in.

Our Learning Extends Beyond the Classroom