Job Shadow Program

Job shadowing provides Suffolk students with an inside look at jobs, organizations, and career paths. Job shadows are offered during the spring semester, and unlike some internships, they are unpaid and cannot be taken for credit. They vary from a half-day to a full day and are sponsored by alumni and friends of Suffolk.

When you invite a promising, highly motivated student into your workplace, you not only give that student a preview of the working world, but also strengthen the pool of talent in your industry. Today's job-shadowing students may become tomorrow's new hires.

Through this experience, Suffolk students can:

  • Learn what kinds of jobs are available in their fields of interest and how to prepare for them
  • Discover what expectations employers have
  • See how organizations are run and what the pace of work is like
  • Begin to develop networking skills
  • Make smart choices about electives, internships, minors and other academic decisions


To invite a student to job-shadow with you, please contact Lauren Gray in the Career Center.