Competitions & Challenges

The Center for Entrepreneurship hosts a series of competitions to help startup-minded students compete and refine their product/service pitch skills. This also provides you with a chance to acquire financial or other in-kind resources to bring your feasible business idea to life. Competitions include the Spring $10K Pitch Competition and the Fall IP (Intellectual Property) Pitch Competition.

The Center for Entrepreneurship also encourages participation in other competitions, both locally and nationally, to bring your business opportunity to other venues, again, to help you gain greater insight, and possibly resources, from the competitive experience. Learn more about our upcoming competitions on our calendar of events.

Case Competitions

This spring, students will have the opportunity to take part in an in-house case competition where they can showcase their analytical skills developed in the classroom. The competition will involve solving real-life business problems and developing strategies to address key issues in order to help companies achieve their targets. Winners of the in-house competition will get a chance to represent Suffolk University in various competitions locally and nationwide. Taking part in these competitions will enrich their resume while giving them a chance to win great prizes.

Students can also participate in other case study competitions are hosted at other Universities throughout the city.

Bentley University Business Bowl

The Bentley Business Bowl is a one-day campus-wide, business case competition held annually and open to all registered students — graduate and undergraduate. Teams of five students of the same class code level compete against other teams of the same level. The deadline to submit an application is February 2020.

Global Case Competition

The Global Case Competition at Harvard is on a mission to provide a learning experience that uses hands-on business cases and provides networking opportunities for students and professionals. Students get a chance to win a $10,000 cash prize. The deadline to submit an application is March 31, 2020.

Northeastern CUIBE Strategy Case Competition

Teams of four students represent Suffolk University in this Consortium for Undergraduate International Business Education bracketed competition hosted by Northeastern University 15-minute presentations and a rigorous Q&A period. The case itself is not disclosed until it is distributed to the competitors at the conclusion of the opening ceremony. The deadline to submit an application is in April 2020.

Business & Innovation Competitions

A business and innovation competition is an excellent opportunity for students to challenge themselves, engage in teamwork, and get hands-on experience working in the real business world. In addition, they will have opportunities to make memorable connections and build their network while having a chance to win prizes and add to their resume.

MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition

The MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition has brought together students and researchers from across MIT and Greater Boston to launch their talent, ideas, and technology into leading companies. Over $300K in non-dilutive funding will be awarded to accelerate these new ventures. The deadline to submit an application is October 2020.

New Venture Competition – Business Track

The New Venture Competition is designed for contemplated and embryonic businesses and welcomes all ideas across all sectors. The Business Track of the New Venture Competition provides a unique opportunity for students to put entrepreneurship principles into practice with an integrative learning experience. The winner gets $75,000. The deadline to submit an application is January 29, 2020.

The North of Boston Business Plan Program & Competition

The competition understands the importance of a business plan and recognizes the value in getting business ideas vetted to improve business plan. The first-place winner will be awarded $10,000. The deadline to submit an application is October 2020.