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Join an enterprising, creative, and tech savvy network of innovators, change agents, and business leaders who strategically engage with the global economy.

A Suffolk student presents her start-up company concept at an event.

Envision the future and find creative solutions for business problems that may not yet exist. This Career Community connects you with top business leaders and emerging startups alike so you can explore, maximize, and elevate your experience in management and entrepreneurship. 

It’s ideal for those interested in management, entrepreneurship, business economics, nonprofit management, supply chain management, sports management, global business, real estate, and organizational leadership—as well as the Sawyer Business School’s MBA, EMBA and MMOL programs. 

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Each Career Community is purposefully designed to introduce you to the influential employers who can help you define and find a purposeful career path. When you participate in one or more of the Career Communities, you’ll collaborate with faculty, staff, alumni, and employers and enjoy access to industry-specific job shadowing, networking events, speakers, panels, mentoring, and other opportunities.

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Further Information For This Career Community

  • Account Manager/Executive
  • Appraiser
  • Broker/Commercial Broker
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Consultant
  • Business Strategist
  • Buyer
  • CEO
  • Credit Analyst
  • Diversity Consultant
  • Economist
  • Equity Trader
  • Executive Assistant
  • Finance Analyst
  • Financial Consultant
  • Founder / Co-Founder
  • Global Business Consultant
  • Healthcare Consultant
  • Human Resources Coordinator/Manager
  • Human Resources Consultant
  • Innovation Lead
  • IT Consultant
  • Leasing Director
  • Loan Officer
  • Logistics Specialist
  • Management Consultant
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Operations Manager
  • Owner
  • Principal
  • Procurement Officer
  • Project Manager
  • Property Manager
  • Purchasing Coordinator/Manager
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Real Estate Manager
  • Realtor
  • Recruitment Manager
  • Risk Analyst
  • Sales Manager
  • Strategic Developer
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Underwriter 

  • Innovative thinker 
  • Strong analytical skills and strategic awareness
  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Ability to excel both independently and on a team
  • Budgeting and fiscal management
  • Awareness of market trends and needs
  • Solid sales and relationship building skills 
  • Team management, training, and supervision
  • Global mindset and increased cultural competence
  • MS Project, Excel
  • Written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills

Connect with resume samples from this career community:

Resume Tips for Executive MBA and Experienced MBA, Master’s or Undergraduate Candidates

  • With 10+ years of relevant work experience, you are no longer limited to a one-page resume. To demonstrate your increased level of experiences and responsibilities, you may have a 2-3 page resume (typically one page for every 10 years of experience).
  • Categorize your responsibilities within companies that you’ve had an extended tenure by adding sub-headers for grouped bullet points to highlight your top qualifications. For example, “Strategic planning,” “Project Management,” “Training & Development,” “Data Analysis and Integration,” etc. Be sure to tailor and align the sub-headers with the skills of the job description for which you are applying. 
  • Include quantitative results whenever possible to demonstrate your impact.
  • Bold key skills and demonstrated results most applicable to the job description.
  • Write a professional or executive summary highlighting your unique industry-specific contributions and most relevant skills below your resume header. Keep it brief, concise and direct.

All Others Students & Alumni

Check out our Resumes & Cover Letters page. For additional practice, book an appointment with Michelle Goldberg on Handshake or visit Quinncia, an AI mock interview and resume review platform.

Case Interviewing

If you are interested in consulting or other management roles, it is likely you will be asked to participate in a business case interview as part of your interview process. Case interviews are interviews in which a candidate is tasked with working through a hypothetical or real-life question, scenario, challenge, or problem. The goal is to present a solution that demonstrates an informed and strategic process. You are evaluated for your communication, problem solving skills, ability to ask relevant questions, industry knowledge, and organizational process, not necessarily on whether you produce a correct answer.

Types of case interview questions may include:

  • Growth strategies
  • New market entry
  • Profitability or pricing optimization
  • Industry analysis and competitor dynamics
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Start-up/early-stage venture
  • Product development

Tips for a successful case interview:

  • Preparation and practice are essential! See below for resources to help you prepare.
  • Begin by restating and identifying the scenario, problem, or challenge
  • Ask plenty of questions intentionally
  • Talk through your logic and process out loud
  • Take notes in an organized, easy-to-read manner
  • Use simple numbers when appropriate
  • Stay up-to-date on industry trends and general industry knowledge

Case Interviewing Resources:


  • Case in Point: Complete Case Interview Preparation by Marc Cosentino
  • Ace Your Case: Consulting Interviews by WetFeet Insider Guide
  • Case Interview Secrets: A Former McKinsey Interviewer Reveals How to Get Multiple Job Offers in Consulting by Victor Cheng

Employer Resources and Practice Materials

All Other Interviews

Check out our page on Interviewing Skills. For additional practice on case interviewing, book an appointment with Michelle Goldberg on Handshake or visit Quinncia, an AI mock interview and resume review platform.

  • Association of Latino Professionals for American (ALPFA), Suffolk Chapter
  • Future Investors in Real Estate (FIRE)
  • International Business Club
  • Suffolk Entrepreneurs
  • Suffolk University Graduate Business Association
  • Suffolk University Management Association
  • Women in Business
"I believe Suffolk students will benefit greatly by the Suffolk Career Community’s eco-system of programming and professional development. This, alongside building great networks, will give the students the necessary tools to advance and succeed in their particular field of interests."
Anna Foster, BA '97, JD '04 President & CEO at A Maven's World and Co-Founder at Culture Solutions, Inc.