Undergraduate Students

From the first day of your first semester to the day you graduate—and every day after that—the Center for Career Equity, Development & Success is your key to defining and leading a career that matters.

Suffolk students at laptops working in a classroom.

Your undergraduate career is the prime time to identify and build crucial connections on your way to professional success. Come to our center for expert, personalized help in linking your studies to your career path.  

Our job is to make sure you're ready to define, access, and excel in the work that matters most to you—now, and for the rest of your career. 

Get Career-Ready

  • Schedule an appointment with our office to discuss what assessment might help you understand what major fits you best and what you can do with it in the future.
  • Take part in our Ram Explorers Program for undecided students or those unsure about their chosen major.
  • Get introduced to the Career Community that best matches your professional interests and major. This will open doors to advisors, faculty, alums, employers, and events that will help you build a top-notch network.
  • Understand your professional value and utilize all the Career Center’s resources to incorporate that value when designing resumes and cover letters, including Quinncia, an AI-powered resume tool for you.
  • Get involved on-campus! Involvement will help you build the competencies employers are looking for.

  • If you haven’t started interacting with a Career Community (or two!) that best matches your professional interests, now is the time to start! Learn about who and what opportunities can help you build a network and find relevant opportunities.
  • Participate in RAMP or Job Shadowing to help you "try on" career options and make connections in your field.
  • Attend Career Events to build your network and learn and make professional connections that may lead to your next opportunity.
  • Be proactive in an internship search - you may have even begun already. Either way, don’t wait! Utilize our internship search resources and your career community to guide your search.
  • Master the art of interviewing. Practice or discuss strategies with an advisor, or schedule a practice interview with Quinncia, an AI-powered bot that will walk you through a video interview.
  • Re-assess your professional value and how it impacts your brand. You have added a lot of skills and experiences to your toolkit while at Suffolk. Meet with an advisor and make sure your brand is current, demonstrates all you have to offer, and is publicized appropriately.

Engage in Meaningful Experiences On Campus

In all that you will do here at Suffolk—from service learning to study abroad—you are building a portfolio of skills, competencies, and knowledge that employers are looking for. Connect with these on-campus offices to gain meaningful experience that will help prepare you for the world of work, while doing something you’re passionate about.  

The journey of career development begins in the classroom and comes alive through these experiences as you progress through your own time here in Boston, around the country, and world.