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Handshake is a powerful career management platform enabling Suffolk students and alumni to not only connect with employers to apply for jobs and internships, but also to connect with career advisors for one-on-one guidance.

Handshake for Students & Alumni

Handshake is an all-in-one career management platform available to students and alumni. With over 300,000 employers utilizing the platform, from Fortune 500 companies to brand new startup companies, Handshake allows you to connect and network easier and faster than ever. Handshake allows you to search and apply for jobs and internships right inside the platform, and also gives you the opportunity to network with peers here at Suffolk and hundreds of other institutions.

Whether you are a current student or an alumni, Handshake also allows you to schedule appointments on your own to meet with a career advisor in the Center for Career Equity, Development & Success.

How to Make an Appointment

If you already have a Handshake profile, follow the steps for How to Request an Appointment.

To create a Handshake profile, go to Handshake and login using your Suffolk credentials. If you are an alumni having trouble logging in, please contact us.

You may also make an appointment by contacting the CDC directly by phone or email.

Appointment Reasons

Through Handshake, students and alumni can request an appointment to meet with a career advisor for the following reasons:

  • Career Exploration - learn more about different career opportunities within your academic discipline and find valuable resources that will allow you to explore even further. 
  • Choosing a Major/Career Direction - discover which academic majors or minors suit you best by exploring your personal interests, skills, and goals, access career assessments if needed.
  • Resume or Cover Letter Review - review your resume or cover letter.
  • Internship Exploration - meet with a CDC staff member to discuss strategies and programs available that will help you in your internship search. 
  • Job Search - Discuss specific issues within your job search with a CDC advisor, and learn strategies and tips to help you improve the results of your search.
  • Graduate School - discuss the graduate school application process, get help selecting graduate programs, or review a personal statement.
  • LinkedIn - learn more about LinkedIn, review your profile, and explore advanced options.
  • Interview Preparation - learn strategies to prepare for the interview process: making a strong first impression, identifying answers to commonly asked questions, giving examples, highlighting strengths and accomplishments, discussing salary, and asking open-ended questions.
  • Practice Interview - meet with a CDC staff member for a practice interview and receive feedback.
  • Salary Negotiation Strategy - learn to research a target salary range, answer questions about salary, and negotiate the elements of a job offer.
  • Workplace Issue - obtain professional advice from a CDC advisor on how to handle an issue you are having in your current workplace.
  • RAMP - Learn more about the Ram Alumni Mentoring Program (RAMP) 

Handshake Resources

Handshake has helpful tutorials for users, which can be found in the links below.

You can also visit the Handshake Resource Center for Students and Alumni for useful articles and tutorials on account set-up, appointments, events, employers, jobs, profiles, and more!