Rosenberg Student Training Employment Program (STEP)

The Rosenberg Student Training Employment Program (Rosenberg STEP) cultivates essential technical, interpersonal, and professional skills in Suffolk students through paid, practical, on-campus work experience coupled with formal mentoring support and professional development activities.

This powerful program prepares students for the working world by leveraging the hands-on learning practices Suffolk University is known for. Rosenberg STEP students build proficiency in the technological tools and processes that support a wide array of job functions throughout Suffolk’s academic and administrative departments. They also develop robust leadership, teamwork, innovation, communication, and entrepreneurial skills.

Students at all academic levels, including graduate students, are eligible to participate.

Barbara and Richard Rosenberg: Enabling Tomorrow’s Careers

Rosenberg STEP is made possible through a generous endowment by Barbara and Richard Rosenberg. Dick Rosenberg, BSJ ’52, HDCS ’91, a longtime leader in business and philanthropy, sees technological skill as crucial to success in today’s workforce, in all professions and industries. The Rosenbergs firmly believe that the STEP program’s practical, hands-on approach is a uniquely empowering way to acquire that skill.

About the Work

Rosenberg STEP places students in support roles throughout the University. While many of these roles are not specifically information technology jobs, all involve some level of technical expertise—the type of capability needed to excel in a wide spectrum of jobs.

Sample Job Titles and Offices

ServiceNow Technical Assistant Technology Support Services, ITS
Desktop Technical Assistant Technology Support Services, ITS
ServiceNow Technical Assistant Technology Support Services, ITS
Digital Media Production Assistant University Media Services, ITS
Networking Technical Assistant Network Operations, ITS
AV/VR Technical Assistant Physics Department
Biochemistry Research Intern Chemistry & Biochemistry Department
GIS Laboratory Assistant Center for Urban Ecology & Sustainability
Social Media & Events Planner Center for Entrepreneurship
Human Resources Assistant Human Resources
Web Content Editor Office of Marketing & Communications
Campus Sustainability Assistant Facilities Operations & Management
Workday Change Mgt. Assistant Budget & Finance
X-Lab Assistant Marketing Department


Rosenberg STEP students are closely supported by mentors and managers. These supervisors help set goals for program participants and meet with them on a regular basis to assess performance, provide advice, and give feedback on jobs and projects.

Professional Development

Key to Rosenberg STEP is a formal professional development program. Throughout their first semester in the program, Rosenberg STEP students participate in monthly sessions involving a program orientation, skills assessments, resume building, job search and communication skills, diversity initiatives, and more. Optional activities during the semester may include guest speakers, networking events, leadership and team-building exercises, and career fairs.

Pay Scales

Rosenberg STEP students are paid at a rate that is slightly more competitive than that of traditional work-study students, with the opportunity for annual increases, during their time in the program.

Learn More & Apply

Interested in participating in Rosenberg STEP? Contact us to learn more about requirements and the application process.

STEP allowed me to stay curious and seek out opportunities to learn in areas that interest me. It was helpful because my lack of experience is my biggest weakness and seeking that knowledge will help bridge that gap. I really valued the way my mentor was straight forward with me, which helped me grow as a person. I met two of my best friends through this experience as well!
Trisha Patel, Class of 2024, Business Analytics and Information Systems Major ServiceNow Technical Assistant in Technology Support Services, ITS
After getting out, like a lot of veterans, I was ready to come home. This played a huge role in my decision to go to Suffolk in addition to the opportunities you’re surrounded by in Boston. Speaking of opportunity, that’s exactly what I see in STEP… an opportunity to surround myself with people who will help me become an exceptional professional. A chance to focus my interests and grow within a team of specialists.
Ben Coulsey, Class of 2025, Information Systems Major Networking Intern in Information Technology Services
To me, STEP is a hands-on experience working in the multimedia field. I will attain exposure to online communications and social media outreach. Through the program I will get to broaden my problem-solving abilities and use my graphic design skills in a professional environment.
Alida Benoit, Class of 2024, Graphic Design Major Social Media & Events Planner in INTO Suffolk