Rosenberg STEP for Managers & Mentors

Current faculty and staff members can play a key role in students’ professional and personal development as Rosenberg STEP managers and mentors.

All Suffolk faculty and staff members may participate in Rosenberg STEP. As a manager or mentor, you can help students launch their careers through on-site management, career planning conversations, and job shadowing opportunities.

Teacher and student in front of a computer

Become a STEP Manager

Current faculty and staff should submit their open student employment positions for the chance to hire a Rosenberg STEP student. The STEP steering committee will review positions to decide if they’re a good fit for the program.

The benefits of hiring Rosenberg STEP students include:

  • workers’ availability during winter and summer breaks
  • the chance to offer your student employee performance-based raises
  • the ability to hire any undergraduate and graduate students, including international students

Your student employee will also meet with you for regular supervision and performance reviews. In these meetings, you’ll work with your student to develop an actionable career plan that includes iSMART goals and deadlines for achieving them.

If you are interested in hiring a Rosenberg STEP student, please download and complete the form [PDF] and submit it to the STEP steering committee for review.

Become a STEP Mentor

Mentorship is not limited to managers. All faculty and staff may serve as mentors to current STEP students.

As a mentor, you will help students to define and act upon their professional goals through weekly meetings (either in person or online). Your mentorship will provide a student with a framework for refining or reflecting on:

  • Technical and job-related skills developed through their role
  • Transferable skills such as communication, empathy, leadership, and innovation abilities

Your mentee and you also will complete an evaluation at both the midpoint and end of the semester. These evaluations offer an opportunity to reflect on your conversations and to determine what your next steps may be—as well as your mentee’s.

If you have questions about becoming a Rosenberg STEP manager or mentor, please contact Dahlia Bryan for more information.