Rosenberg STEP for Students

Is technology your passion? If you want to further hone your skills, come join the Rosenberg STEP team! We're looking for enthusiastic students who want to add invaluable work experience to their undergraduate or graduate experience at Suffolk University.

Work experience through the STEP program equips students with the technical and interpersonal skills needed to succeed in a variety of disciplines and workplaces. As a STEP student, you’ll hone your abilities in communication, leadership, teamwork, and innovation while building a professional network of mentors and managers.

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Student using computer in Sawyer Library

Things to Know Before You Apply

STEP students are required to attend a series of professional development workshops hosted by the Center for Career Equity, Development & Success. These workshops focus on topics including building a professional brand, using your STEP experience to expand your professional network, and reflecting on how your experience can foster greater career equity and access.

You will also be involved in these types of activities:

  • Supervision and performance review processes
  • Individual journaling and/or reading assignments
  • Networking events with STEP mentors, managers, and peers

Your STEP placement may last between two and eight semesters at Suffolk University. Placements typically occur May through August, but there are opportunities to work over summer or winter breaks.

Depending on your area of interest or expertise, you may be placed in one of several on-campus departments. These may include the Technology Support Centers (in Sargent Hall, the Stahl Center, the Sawyer Building, etc.) or the IT Service Desk or Media Services group at Sargent Hall. Please review the STEP homepage for additional examples of STEP positions.

The pay rate for STEP students is tiered to encourage your professional development and continued participation in the program throughout your Suffolk career. Pay increases will be granted after 12 months of employment and completion of a respective tier’s professional development objectives. Your supervisor will work with you to develop an appropriate annual professional development plan.

The following list includes several examples of STEP job placements in various Suffolk academic and administrative departments.

  • Service Desk Technical Assistant:
    Technology Support Services, ITS
  • Desktop Technical Assistant:
    Technology Support Services, ITS
  • ServiceNow Technical Assistant:
    Technology Support Services, ITS
  • Digital Media Production Assistant:
    University Media Services, ITS
  • Networking Technical Assistant:
    Network Operations, ITS
  • AV/VR Technical Assistant:
    Physics Department
  • Biochemistry Research Intern:
    Chemistry & Biochemistry Department
  • GIS Laboratory Assistant:
    Center for Urban Ecology & Sustainability
  • Social Media & Events Planner:
    Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources Assistant:
    Human Resources
  • Web Content Editor:
    Office of Marketing & Communications
  • Campus Sustainability Assistant:
    Facilities Operations & Management
  • Workday Change Management Assistant:
    Office of Budget & Financial Planning
  • Research Data Analyst:
    Office of Institutional Research & Assessment

How to Apply

Students can sign into their Suffolk Handshake account to search for and apply to Rosenberg STEP positions. STEP positions will be posted under the employer “Suffolk University ITS”.

If your application is selected, you'll receive an email inviting you to interview with the STEP program manager. If you have specific questions about STEP or would like more information, please email Dahlia Bryan.

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Team Effectiveness Charter

In spring 2022, current STEP students developed the STEP Team Effectiveness Charter. It defines how to succeed in the program, from the student perspective.

    Be worthy of trust and respect, and extend the same to those you work with.
    Critique the idea, not the person. Show empathy and fully listen before adding your own ideas.
    Be there for your teammates, know what you’re supposed to be doing, and commit to your work.
    Be clear, open, and willing to communicate. Give and take feedback as an opportunity to improve.
    Feel free to voice your opinions and stretch beyond your comfort zone.
    Always be helpful to the team and come ready to participate.
    Set an agenda. Be on time. Meet your deadlines.
    Be aware of your own needs and remember to take care of yourself. Your well-being is your first and most important job.

Contact Us

If you have specific questions about STEP or would like more information, please email Dahlia Bryan.