Networking & Personal Branding

Experts estimate that 70-90% of job seekers find employment through networking. Networking is the process of meeting and talking to people in your field or a field that interests you to learn about a company, industry, and/or career; to build a network; and to access perspective of future or current colleagues.

Networking and Why You Should Do It

Whether you are exploring careers, established in a field and building connections, or searching for opportunities, networking is an important process in your career engagement. Schedule an appointment with one of our advisors to discuss your networking strategy.

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How do I network?

Establish a Personal Brand
The first step in networking is to create a “personal brand” representing your dynamic combination of unique skills, experiences, and perspectives you offer for an employer. Your personal brand should be intentional and strategic across your application materials (resume, cover letter, statements of intent), LinkedIn, and other social media.

Develop an Elevator Pitch
What if you ran into someone who works at your dream company on an elevator and you only had 20-30 seconds to tell them who you are and why they should get to know you?

Effective Elevator Pitches

  • Provide background: identify in 1-2 points what you are studying or where you are working currently; provide brief geographical context if the individual with whom you are speaking does not know about your current setting
  • Announce your interest in the connection: establish how you learned about the person or opportunity and your enthusiasm for networking
  • Highlight relevant experiences: share how you can contribute to the company based on 1-2 experiences or qualifications that you hold that are most relevant for the role or connection
  • Wrap it up: thank them for their time and opportunity to connect; inquire whether you may follow up via phone, email, and/or LinkedIn

Examples of Great Elevator Pitches

“Hi, my name is Namrata P. I will be graduating in May with my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a major in Marketing from Suffolk University, (Suffolk is in Boston and is known for its Marketing Department). I’ve spent the last year building experience as a Marketing Intern at the AGC Athletic Gear Company, where I successfully managed event coordination and client relationships. I’m glad to meet you because I am excited about sports marketing. May I connect with you to learn more about your company? I can give you my business card. Thank you! I’ll email you tonight.”

Namrata P

“Hi, my name is Dmitri T. It’s great to meet you. I’m also a graduate of Suffolk’s Master of Arts in Interior Architecture Program. I’ve had experience working at large corporations like the Garden Restaurant Group designing commercial spaces, but would like to know more about how I can use the full range of my skills in a small firm where I have exposure to all aspects of the business. I know that you started in corporate before going to a small firm, and would like to talk to you about making that transition. Thank you! I’ll send you my availability tomorrow.”

Dmitri T

Networking Sites

Use these sites to find networking events and opportunities in and around Boston. 

Meetup This site will let your search for local events in your area to meet people, try something new, or do more of what you love. Customize your search with your career industry or interests.
MassHire MassHire Career Centers are located throughout the Commonwealth and offer employment and training services, but also host a number of networking events for job seekers.
Eventbrite Eventbrite promotes local career fairs and networking events.
Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce The Chamber hosts more than 100 program and networking events in Boston every year that reflect the most relevant issues facing the Greater Boston businesses community and allow job seekers to make important connections.
Boston Event Guide Boston Event Guide posts local networking events taking place in the city.  

Professional Associations