Parents & Families

Your student’s Suffolk experience is an important investment. The Center for Career Equity, Development & Success will work with your student to transform that higher education into work that matters. 

A group of Suffolk students meet with an employer partner during a client presentation.

Our team strives to get to know all students as individuals with unique skill sets and aspirations. And we’ll provide equally individualized services to help your Suffolk student become career-ready.  

We are dedicated to promoting the practices that every student should engage in as they conceive and build their careers:  

  • Ongoing career planning  
  • Experiential career development  
  • Building social capital  
  • Social identity reflection  
  • Articulating professional value 
  • Strategic career transitions 

NBC Boston: How Suffolk Prepares Students for the Job Market

Play Video: NBC10 - Tips for New Grads Entering the Job Market

As graduating students prepare to enter the job market, Suffolk University is setting students up for success with interview tips, labor-market insight tools, training with AI-based applicant software, and help with what to look for in an employer beyond a paycheck.

Learn more about the work being done in Suffolk University’s Center for Career Equity, Development & Success to prepare students for the job market in the NBC Boston broadcast segment.