The Career Equity Conference is an annual event designed to elevate and celebrate students and employers advancing an inclusive and just workplace.

This event is both a celebration of equity-focused work and an affirmation of our continued progress. All Suffolk community members are invited to participate and attend.

The 2023 Career Equity Conference will be held on Friday, September 29th in Sargent Hall. This event aims to showcase, serve, and support the work of career educators, recruiters, DEI professionals, university faculty and staff, and aspiring career service practitioners.

As a conference attendee you will have an opportunity to:

  • Develop strategies to promote career equity in career education
  • Better understand how to recruit, retain, and promote diverse talent
  • Increase knowledge on practices that improve access and equity
  • Connect with a community of equity minded practitioners in the workplace
  • Learn how to build accountability into the process for teams and systems

In offering this conference each year, our center strives to build a community of equity-minded practitioners focused on expanding inclusion in the experience and outcomes of our students.

Participate and Present in our 2023 Conference

This event is for career educators, recruiters, employer relations, DEI professionals, in addition to faculty and staff. All Suffolk community members are invited to attend. Registration will open on April 24th.

If you are interested in getting involved with the conference as either a speaker or presenter, we are currently accepting proposals. For more information and to submit your proposal, please review our Call for Proposals form.

Conference Agenda

The agenda for our 2023 conference is currently being developed. Our team will update this page with a complete listing of events and presentations once the agenda is finalized.

Sponsors & Volunteers

If you are interested in supporting the Career Equity Conference, we offer several sponsorship opportunities. For more information, please contact our team for more information.

Accommodations & On-Campus Resources

Our center intends to provide an inclusive and impactful conference experience for all attendees. Our team has identified the following resources for attendees who may be traveling or visiting Suffolk University for the first time.

  • Our campus is in downtown Boston. Please refer to our campus map for directions to Sargent Hall and other on-campus spaces.
  • There are several hotels available near Suffolk University’s campus. If you require off-campus accommodations, please refer to our university’s CampusTravel website.
  • Sargent Hall offers a Mother’s Room on the first floor in Room 195. Mother’s Rooms are private spaces with chairs, small tables, lights, a lockable door, and electrical outlets.
  • Prayer spaces will be available on the 7th floor of Sargent Hall. A prayer space will also be available in the Sawyer Building. Please refer to the conference’s day-of program for specific directions.
  • Sargent Hall provides single-stall, wheelchair accessible restrooms on the 4th floor. The building offers gender neutral bathrooms on all floors.

If you require additional accommodations for the event, please contact our team.