Collaborative Innovation Awards

The Collaborative Innovation Awards 2017 (CiA2017) honors corporate, non-profit or government innovations that have had the most impact over the last two years.

The competition is the world's first crowd-driven awards program and is co-produced with Imaginatik.


To qualify, winning innovations:

  1. must have been launched within the last 2 years
  2. must have been created by people working on at least a half-time basis for an organization(s) with 200 or more employees
  3. must be submitted by a team of at least 2 people (lone individuals cannot enter – focus is on collaborative innovation)
  4. must be able to speak publicly about the innovation (submissions are non-confidential)

Contest Format and Timelines

First Round: February – March

  • Six weeks for open submissions through an online platform
  • Two weeks for crowd voting
  • Finalists chosen in each award category

Second Round: April

  • All finalists must submit additional information
  • Two weeks for final-round crowd voting
  • Two weeks of Selection Committee final judging

Awards Ceremony – May (Boston, MA)

  • Winners announced in each category
  • Prizes conferred at innovators conference
  • Private dinner for winners and judges
  • Final dates / details TBD