Certificate Programs

The Moakley Center, in collaboration with community partners, provides affordable advanced educational opportunities for Massachusetts’ public service managers.

Solid reputation and increasing demand in the community have expanded the Moakley Center’s certificate program offerings dramatically since their inception in 1999. The Moakley Center has offered more than 20 separate one-year-long certificate programs. Over 1,900 public service managers have graduated from a certificate program, with a completion rate of 95 percent for enrollees.

Certificate program participants have the potential to earn up to 12 graduate credit waivers, depending on their specific program. Because of this benefit, many certificate graduates continue on to Suffolk Master of Public Administration degree.

The following Certificate Programs are currently offered.

Certificate Partner Contact
Public Safety Leadership and Management Various Law Enforcement Agencies Michael Lavin
Home Care Management Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts (HCAM) Sandy Matava
Leadership & Education in Neurological Disorders (LEND) Eunice Shriver Center Carol Curtain
Local Government Leadership and Management Massachusetts Municipal Association Rocco Longo
Community Health and Community Health Center Management Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers Denise McCauley
Community Health and Community Health Center Management Massachusetts Providers' Council Lore Stevens
Human Service and Leadership Management Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) Sandy Matava

To further acknowledge the accomplishment of certificate graduates, and to strengthen their connection to Suffolk University, all Certificate graduates automatically become part of the Suffolk University, Sawyer Business School alumni family.

Program & Degree Requirements

Basic Requirements

You must successfully complete (receive a passing grade) in at least 80% of the offered courses.

Passing Grade

A passing grade is completion of a course’s specifically outlined requirements at a “C” (75%) level. Students who have not completed work at this level will receive a NP (not pass) for the course.

Graduating with Honors

You must receive an “A” or “pass with honors” in at least six of 10 modules.

Graduate Credit Waivers

For courses that have a Suffolk University public management graduate course equivalent, graduate credit waivers may be available for students who complete the specifically outlined graduate level course requirements at a minimum “B” (85%) level.


In the event of extenuating circumstances (such as a medical problem or job relocation), a student may request a grade of "I," which means incomplete. Granting of an incomplete grade is at the professor’s discretion and can only be granted if 50% of the required work has been completed. By comparison, and for similar reasons, a student may request an incomplete from the overall program from the program director. All incomplete work must be completed within one calendar year or the course or overall certificate grade changes to NP (not pass).