Information Systems Major

As of fall 2022, the Information Systems major is no longer recruiting new students and is not open for new student enrollment. (The Information Systems minor will still be offered.)

If you are interested in this major, please see the Business Analytics and Information Systems major.

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A major in information systems (IS) will prepare you for a career in systems analysis, operations management, information systems, and information technology. Courses in this major integrate active learning experiences that develop your analytical and decision-making abilities, with team-building skills that improve your ability to incorporate diverse viewpoints and contributions.

SAP Recognition Award Certification

Want to work at a highly competitive company like BOSE or JetBlue? Take courses that use the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and instantly improve your marketability in the workforce. If you take three ERP courses, you can earn a Student Recognition Award Certificate from SAP, a mark of distinction that's valued by employers.

STEM Designation

The IS major is STEM designated (CIP Code: 11.0401), which means international students can extend their OPT two years after graduation.

Big Data & Business Analytics Concentration

Add to your ISOM skill set with a concentration in Big Data & Business Analytics. You'll learn how to build and maintain data warehouses and how to analyze and use the data as a source for business intelligence and competitive advantage. You'll also study data mining concepts and use the analytic tools and methods for producing business knowledge.

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Courses & Requirements

Learn more about the classes, requirements, and different options available to complete the program.

Download the ISOM Practicum Application Form [PDF].