Internships & Careers

How will you stand out in a crowd? Experience and professional connections are key to landing competitive jobs. We can help you build your resume with an internship.


Global Business students can earn three academic credits for an approved global internship as part of SIB 520. Up to one SIB 520 internship course may also be used as a Global Business major elective.

You're responsible for securing your own global internship, but Suffolk's Career Development Center, as well as the Business School's Director of Internships Professor John McCoy are available for guidance.

To ensure you meet the requirements, you'll need to find a faculty supervisor who will evaluate and guide your work during the internship.

The internship must involve at least 100 hours of work and take place outside of your primary country of residence. You cannot receive monetary compensation for the internship. The company offering the internship must agree to complete the Internship Evaluation Form and sign the Sponsor Agreement form. Tuition charges apply.


There’s no question that you need a global mindset to compete in today’s marketplace. Businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies are increasingly multinational. They need leaders who can cross borders, embrace new cultures, and offer international perspectives.

A background in Strategy and International Business opens the door to many career opportunities. Our alumni become leaders in global organizations, such as Boston Brown Corporation, Liberty Mutual, Touraine Travel, TVM Capital, the US Coast Guard, and the US Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Career Development Center

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Travel Seminars

Suffolk's Travel Seminars are an amazing way to gain global experience, build your network, and gain an understanding of what it's like to do business in a foreign country.