Business Core Curriculum Geared Toward Career Success

Just like you, our students are ambitious and self-motivated. They find opportunities where others see challenges, and they’re eager to start their careers.

How do we attract such hardworking, career-focused students? With a unique BSBA core curriculum that sets you on the fast track toward career success. Your courses emphasize hands-on learning so you gain practical experience and build essential skills for the workplace.

Each year, your courses and experiences help you build a solid foundation of knowledge and skills that prepares you for the next set of challenges. By complementing a global business education with liberal arts, you’ll develop a broad understanding of the world.

Four key themes are integrated throughout your academic program:

  • Innovative thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Development of cultural, social, and global diverse perspectives
  • Professionalism

You will learn to assess challenges and opportunities; leverage information, ideas, and people; and develop and pitch effective solutions. Our graduates are competitive and prepared for successful careers.

Embrace Diversity and Cut Across Boundaries

Whether you plan to work globally or locally, chances are you’ll be working with people from different backgrounds. Building cultural and social awareness will help you approach business challenges from many different viewpoints, and ultimately, become a successful business leader.

At the Sawyer Business School, you’ll interact with students and faculty from around the world and across the career spectrum. A combination of coursework and hands-on experiences provide opportunities that mirror the many interactions you’ll encounter in today’s networked world. In the end, you’ll graduate with strong interpersonal skills, ready to work across many boundaries and adaptable to all kinds of professional environments.

Establish and Leverage Your “Professional DNA”

It’s never too early to start thinking about your career.

In fact, you’ll explore your interests and start setting goals the moment you arrive on campus. Involvement in co-curricular programs will broaden your perspective; build your personal networks; and offer fun and productive ways to interact with peers, alumni, and local business executives.

Through a series of courses, you’ll take ownership of your professional and ethical development and establish a career-oriented mindset. You’ll discover ways to add value and leverage your skills in the workplace, developing a personal brand that distinguishes you in the job market.

Today’s business leaders are versatile communicators across diverse contexts. Your coursework will ensure that you develop the interpersonal skills to become a successful leader and collaborator in the office and across the globe. We expect our graduates to be able to contribute, listen, encourage teammates, persuade others, manage conflict, give and receive feedback, and take personal responsibility for outcomes.

Develop an Innovative Mindset

At the Sawyer Business School, you’ll understand the importance of innovation to business and nonprofits. You’ll become a collaborative thinker and learn how to foster creativity. Creative business people are always on the lookout for new opportunities. They delve into the unknown and repeatedly refine their ideas until they find solutions. You’ll discover how to critique and implement viable ideas.

Identify, Assess, and Solve Critical Situations

Making smart business decisions is tough, especially in today’s global marketplace. Business executives need to know how to locate and critically evaluate information. You’ll learn how to find and review information that will help you solve complex problems and interpret it to make effective business decisions. Right from the start, you’ll be thinking critically and analytically about the complex challenges that affect businesses and government, both regionally and globally. As you develop a process mindset, you’ll view problems from a systems perspective.