Students at Family Weekend

Welcome to the Suffolk University Family!

Starting college is an exciting adventure not only for the student but for the entire family. Suffolk strongly encourages each new student to have at least one family member attend the family orientation program. Family Orientation is designed for family members (parents and legal guardians) and is not necessarily applicable to friends, roommates, romantic partners or young children. The family program is run concurrently with, but separate from, the student program.  During various presentations and programs, family members will learn more about Suffolk University and how to help their student have a successful college experience.

As caregivers and support systems, we offer you a unique opportunity to familiarize yourself with the experience of having a student at Suffolk University through Family Orientation.

Reasons to Attend Suffolk Family Orientation:

  • Learn about your student’s academic program and requirements
  • Get answers to financial questions, policies and deadlines
  • Understand academic resources, enrichment opportunities and services
  • Gain details about health, wellness, counseling, safety, and housing programs
  • Meet Suffolk’s administrators, faculty, staff, and other families
  • Support your student in their exciting college transition

This program, which carries a small registration fee, is designed to meet the needs of those who support Suffolk students during their transition to college life. We’ll introduce you to a broad range of resources, administrators, students, and other Suffolk families in hopes they will answer any questions or concerns you may have. Families of both new students and transfer students are invited to join us for a program that will run parallel to their student's orientation. ¬†