The Dean of Students/Student Affairs Office works closely with undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and Sawyer Business School (SBS).

Contact us if:

  • You have a question, concern, or problem and you are unsure where to go, or with whom to speak.

  • You are concerned about a student for any reason.

  • You will be out of class for a week or longer. You must also contact your instructors.

  • You have an academic or personal grievance that you need help resolving.

  • You are applying to graduate school or are transferring to another institution and need a letter of good standing or a dean's certification.

  • You are considering taking a leave of absence or withdrawing  from the University.

  • You received a notice to appear from a dean to attend an administrative hearing for an alleged violation of the Community Standards.

  • You have a suggestion or idea about improving student life and would like to talk about it.

Other Resources

Are you feeling stressed or anxious? The Counseling Center can help, both during and after normal business hours.

Would you like some academic support? The Center for Learning and Academic Success can help.

Would you like to get involved in campus life?

Looking for more information?  See an expanded list of Student Resources.