The Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion provides individual support, mentoring, referrals and education to foster a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment for all students, with special attention to historically marginalized students and their allies. The Center facilitates discussions and programs with students that promote the principles of equity, inclusion, access and social justice.

In addition, the staff advises several student organization affinity groups as well as the Diversity Peer Educators and provides both new and traditional initiatives, social programming and student trainings that promote the development of multicultural competencies.

As an advocate for students, the Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion collaborates with campus partners, such as Student Affairs, the Division of Student Success,  Counseling, Health & WellnessDisability Services, and the Interfaith Center to foster an inclusive and affirming campus. The Center also works closely with the Center for Community Engagement and other campus groups to extend student engagement to the local community to enhance students' global perspective.