Before completing the health insurance waiver form, please review the benefits of your health insurance policy to determine if you have adequate coverage. Students may retain the Suffolk Student Health Insurance Plan (SSHIP) as your sole medical insurance plan or as a supplement to your primary medical insurance plan. When comparing insurance plans, here are some issues to consider before filling the waiver:

Does you health insurance plan provide you with at least a comparable level of heath insurance coverage?
To qualify as comparable coverage the student's health plan must provide the student reasonable and comprehensive coverage of health services throughout the school year, including:

  • primary care services
  • emergency services
  • surgical services
  • hospitalization benefits
  • ambulatory patient services
  • mental health services

Do you have limited access to your health plan where you attend school?
To qualify as comparable coverage, the services covered under the alternate health plan must also be reasonably accessible for all health services in the area where the student attends school. A health plan through a closed network of providers that covers the student only for emergency services where the student is studying is NOT comparable coverage. Students and parents should be aware of this important fact.

Is your plan from a U.S.-based company?
In accordance with the Massachusetts Student Health Insurance Plan (QSHIP) laws, Suffolk University cannot accept medical insurance waivers based on coverage issued by a foreign insurance carrier, if the student is studying in the U.S.
Many international students have been victims of unscrupulous health insurance companies that sell them plans that do not meet the requirements. These students have incurred unnecessary charges and encountered difficulties filing claims. Therefore, it the policy of Suffolk University that the insurance carrier be based in the U.S.
It is very important as an international student to compare the cost, details and coverage benefits of different U.S.-based health insurance plans to make an educated choice.

Will your coverage be effective until the semester begins?
If you are a continuing student, you must have coverage for the full policy year.

Students should compare the benefits, limitations, and exclusions of their alternate health insurance plan with those provided by the SSHIP before filing their medical insurance waiver.

It is important that the student realizes that the burden of proof that the alternate insurance is adequate falls on the students, not the University. If you do not know whether your coverage meets the above conditions, contact your health insurance plan administrator to get current, accurate information about your plan before completing the medical insurance waiver.

The text of the Massachusetts QSHIP law can be viewed at the MA Department of Health Care and Finance Policy website at: under "Student Health Insurance".

Please be aware that if you do not wish to participate in the SSHIP, you must file a health insurance waiver form EVERY academic year.