A "psychological emergency" occurs when a student or employee is observed exhibiting unusual or dangerous behavior which could result in serious bodily harm to self or to others.

In order to facilitate treatment for psychological emergencies, the Counseling Center has established and maintained an active referral and emergency evaluation network in the Greater Boston area. In addition, the Counseling Center has weekly access to an onsite consulting psychiatrist for purposes of psychological evaluations and medication assessments.

During regular business hours, emergency walk-in hours are available each day at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm for students who are experiencing such a psychological emergency. Students can come directly to the Counseling Center or they can be accompanied by a faculty or staff person. These appointments are offered on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, it is recommended that students interested in attending them arrive early.

The Counseling Center staff member on emergency call will take responsibility for determining whether the individual in crisis should be seen at the Counseling Center or should be referred for hospitalization or for a psychiatric evaluation off-campus. In each instance, the Counseling Center will assume responsibility for evaluating the student or employee, will oversee the referral to a designated treatment facility, and will assure continuity of care once the crisis has past.

If students or employees experience a crisis during evening hours or on weekends, the Counseling Center provides an emergency on-call service. Students can call the Counseling Center at (617)-573-8226 and they will be directed to a mental health provider for a brief psychological assessment. The Counseling Center clinician who is on call will then determine the best possible treatment options for the student.

Students or employees who are unable to contact the on-call service for any reason should contact the nearest hospital emergency room or call either the University Police (617-573-8111 for emergencies) or City Police (911) for assistance. Tufts-New England Medical Center (NEMC) at 136 Harrison Avenue in Boston (617-636-7000) is the designated emergency medical center for Suffolk University students living in the residence halls.

During evening hours and on weekends, the Counseling Center will provide consultative services to members of the University Police and to the staff of the Residence Halls in order to assure that students and other members of the University community who are at risk to self or to others are referred for appropriate mental health treatment.

Once the safety of a student or employee with a psychological emergency has been assured, members of the staff of the Counseling Center will be available to provide required after-care services. Follow-up consultations with family members, classmates, and faculty/administrators will also be provided. At the invitation of faculty or at the recommendation of University administrators, members of the Counseling Center staff will also be available to speak to classes or departments on issues related to crisis management and crisis resolution.