The Counseling Center offers the following services:

Individual and Group Counseling

Individual and group counseling addresses personal, academic, and career concerns, including, but not limited to:

  • academic difficulties
  • selection of academic major(s)
  • performance anxieties (exams, public speaking)
  • stress and time management
  • career planning and exploration
  • family and peer relationships
  • addictive behaviors (alcohol and drug problems)
  • eating disorders

Consultation and Outreach

The staff of the Counseling Center provides voluntary and problem-focused services to individuals and groups in order to improve the educational and work environment at the University. Staff members are available as guest lecturers and as leaders of human relations workshops. In addition, they may serve as advisors and consultants to student, faculty, and administrative groups.


Experiential/didactic courses are offered to day and evening students for academic credit. Recent courses taught by members of the Counseling Center staff include:

  • Leadership Skills in a Diverse Society
  • Introduction to Counseling Skills (Psychology)
  • Life Teachings from the Writings of Alice Walker

At the written request of interested students and with the support of their faculty advisor, Counseling Center staff members may also sponsor and direct Independent Study projects for academic credit.


As part of the intake interview process, students will be given various questionnaires to assess for mental health issues. These can include (but are not limited to) testing for depression, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, substance abuse, hostility, eating concerns, family concerns and academic distress.

Psychological and vocational tests are administered to assist client self-understanding and decision-making.

Testing services include administration and interpretation of interest and personality tests, as well as referrals for assessments of potential learning and language difficulties.

Individual testing is offered only after an intake session with a counselor. Tests and test information remain the property of the University Counseling Center but may be released to qualified professionals at the written request of clients.

Training and Supervision

Training and supervision of doctoral interns is an integral responsibility of the Counseling Center. The Internship Program in Professional Psychology is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) and is approved by the Association of Pre- and Post-Doctoral Psychology Internship Centers (APPIC). Highly qualified interns provide individual and group counseling services to clients of the Counseling Center, as each brings significant experience and formal training to their relationships with clients.