Suffolk University’s Center for Counseling, Health and Wellness appreciates that health is multi-faceted and requires a holistic approach.

As such, our mission is to provide integrated, culturally sensitive services that support the academic success and personal development of our students as well as the overall health of the Suffolk University community.

Through counseling, medical services, consultation, educational outreach, mind-body practices and referral, our goal is to promote student well-being and resiliency while empowering students to develop self-advocacy and healthy decision-making.

We provide Suffolk University students with quality holistic health care, education, consultation, and treatment. Our board-certified, licensed clinicians and staff are committed to understanding each student's circumstance and culture.

We aim to empower students to make healthy lifestyle choices.

We maintain collaborations with university faculty, administration, staff, students, and the medical community. Our staff is committed to diversity and the encouragement of all students to become advocates for their own healthcare which contributes to their academic success.