Pre-College Portfolio Waiver Information

Who is eligible for a portfolio waiver?

  • Pre-college students entering their senior year of high school.
  • Recent high school graduates who are planning to come to Suffolk University within one academic year (fall, spring and following summer), following completion of the Pre-College Program.
  • Current Suffolk students participating in Pre-College who are undecided CAS majors, and who have not yet taken Foundation Drawing I and 2-D/Color.

The Portfolio Waiver Process

  • Students who wish to be considered for a portfolio waiver should complete a Portfolio Waiver Application, which will be sent to each student registered for Pre-College.
  • The body of artwork a student produces during the Pre-College Program, plus any additional artwork the student may choose to present, will be evaluated by Pre-College instructors during the last week of the program. If the work submitted is judged satisfactory for admission to the BFA program, then a portfolio waiver will be issued. Waiver notification will be mailed to the student approximately one week after the Pre-College Program concludes.
  • Students who have been issued a portfolio waiver, and who have already been admitted to the university as BA or BS candidates, will be asked to complete a Change of Major form.
  • Students who are not granted a portfolio waiver can request to receive a written assessment indicating what areas need to be addressed in order to improve their portfolio.