Computer Science 

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Suffolk University's computer science program is exceptionally hands-on. From the start, you’ll get substantial experience with machine-level programming and direct exposure to computer architecture, networks, and advanced programming. By the time you graduate, you'll have an impressively thorough understanding of hardware and software systems.

Computer scientists enjoy some of the highest salaries and best job prospects in the country. Going to school in a major technological hub will give you an important edge. Like many of our graduates, you might go on to a job in software development and engineering. And you won't have to commute far—tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Yahoo have offices in nearby Kendall Square, Cambridge.

And thanks to computers' exciting and evolving influence on how we understand the world and communicate with others, you can thrive in other fields, too. Engineering, advertising, television and film production, and video-game design are all hot industries that require computational expertise. If you want to work in one of these fields, consider adding math or art and design coursework (or even a double-major) to your curriculum.

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The STEAM Reception is an annual event held in the spring semester where students from the STEAM disciplines showcase their work at a poster session.
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