Faculty & Staff

The Mathematics & Computer Science faculty and staff are here to help the Suffolk University community as a whole—students should contact their professors and administrators to address all questions and concerns.

The department is located on the 8th floor of the 73 Tremont Street building. The office is open Mondays - Fridays 8:45 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. Contact us at the following number: 617-573-8251

Full-Time Faculty

Dan Stefanescu, Professor & Chair

Benjamin Deissler, Instructor

Anthony Gentilucci, Instructor

Xinxin Jiang, Associate Professor

Sheldon Joyner, Assistant Professor

Mehrdad Khaledi, Assistant Professor

Irina Peterburgsky, Professor

Pradeep Shukla, Professor

Tan VoVan, Professor

Zuoling Wang, Instructor

Zhiyong Xu, Associate Professor

Dmitry Zinoviev, Professor

Zaihan Yang, Visiting Assistant Professor

Emeritus Professors

Donald Cohn, Emeritus Professor

Paul Ezust, Emeritus Professor

Eric Myrvaagnes, Emeritus Professor

Part-Time Faculty

Part-time faculty may be reached at the main department phone number unless otherwise noted (617-573-8251). They may also be reached via the departmental fax number, 617-573-8591.

Part-time faculty offices are located in the Math & Computer Science department, 73 Tremont St, 8th floor.

Phanwadee Brooks, Senior Lecturer

Jill Eisenberg, Director, Tutoring & Success Services

Xiao-yue Gu, Senior Lecturer

Michael Hanna, Lecturer

Edgar Karapetian, Research Associate Professor

Isaac Klipker, Senior Lecturer

Ed Kunakemakorn, Lecturer

David Mayzlin, Senior Lecturer

Victoria Miller, Senior Lecturer

Michael A. Moran, Lecturer

Anna Polyanskaya, Senior Lecturer

Boris Sapozhnikov, Senior Lecturer

Steven Sevcik, Lecturer

Erinda Shyta, Lecturer

Xinyue Wang, Lecturer

Richard Willson, Senior Lecturer

Administrative Services Team

The administrative services team supports the following departments:

  • English
  • Mathematics & Computer Science

Lauren Burch
Administrative Services Manager
Office: 73 Tremont, 8th Floor

Campbell Rubens 
Administrative Coordinator 
Office: 73 Tremont, 8th Floor

Mary Wilson
Administrative Coordinator
Office: 73 Tremont, 8th Floor