Faculty & Staff - Mathematics

The Mathematics faculty and staff are here to help the Suffolk University community as a whole—students should contact their professors and administrators to address all questions and concerns.

Part-time faculty may be reached at the main department phone number unless otherwise noted (617-573-8251). They may also be reached via the departmental fax number, 617-573-8591.

Part-time faculty offices are located in the Math & Computer Science department, 73 Tremont St, 8th floor.


Faculty Type Name Title Email
Full-Time Benjamin Deissler Instructor bgdeissler@suffolk.edu
Xinxin Jiang Associate Professor & Interim Chair xjiang@suffolk.edu
Sheldon Joyner Assistant Professor stjoyner@suffolk.edu
Mehrdad Khaledi Visiting Assistant Professor mkhaledi@suffolk.edu
Irina Peterburgsky Professor ipeterburgsky@suffolk.edu
Pradeep Shukla Professor pshukla@suffolk.edu
Dan Stefanescu Professor & Interim Chair dstefanescu@suffolk.edu
Tan VoVan Professor tvovan@suffolk.edu
Zuoling Wang Instructor zwhang1@suffolk.edu
Zhiyong Xu Associate Professor zxu@suffolk.edu
Dmitry Zinoviev Professor dzinoviev@suffolk.edu
Emeritus Donald Cohn Emeritus Professor dcohn@suffolk.edu 
Paul Ezust Emeritus Professor pezust@suffolk.edu
Eric Myrvaagnes Emeritus Professor ermyrvaagnes@suffolk.edu
Part-Time Phanwadee Brooks Senior Lecturer pbrooks@suffolk.edu
Richard Driscoll Senior Lecturer rndriscoll@suffolk.edu
Jill Eisenberg Senior Lecturer jseisenberg@suffolk.edu
Xiao-yue Gu Senior Lecturer xgu@suffolk.edu
Michael Hanna Lecturer mhanna@suffolk.edu
Edgar Karapetian Research Associate Professor ekarapetian@suffolk.edu
Isaac Klipker Senior Lecturer iklipker@suffolk.edu
Ed Kunakemakorn Lecturer ekunakemakorn@suffolk.edu
David Mayzlin Senior Lecturer dimayzlin@suffolk.edu
Victoria Miller Senior Lecturer vmalkina-miller@suffolk.edu
Michael A. Moran Lecturer mmoran@suffolk.edu
Anna Polyanskaya Senior Lecturer apolyanskaya@suffolk.edu
Boris Sapozhnikov Senior Lecturer bsapozhnikov@suffolk.edu
Steven Sevcik Lecturer ssevcik@suffolk.edu
Richard Willson Senior Lecturer rwillson@suffolk.edu

Administrative Services Team

Sandy Ruelas
Administrative Services Manager
Office: 73 Tremont, Rm. 8038B

Lauren Burch
Administrative Coordinator
Office: 73 Tremont, Rm. 8038A

Mary Wilson
Administrative Coordinator
Office: 73 Tremont, Rm. 8091A