Complex problem-solving is at the heart of our program. As a math major, you’ll learn how to manipulate numbers and apply mathematical principles to real-world challenges. Guided by our expert faculty, you’ll develop the skills to evaluate data, recognize patterns, and use logic and creativity to devise your own approach to difficult problems.

In the classroom, students study the fundamentals of mathematics while concentrating in pure or actuarial math.
In the classroom, students study the fundamentals of mathematics while concentrating in pure or actuarial math.

Located only steps away from Boston’s Financial District and close to major tech giants in Cambridge, our program also provides students with direct access to prestigious employers for internship and employment opportunities. These resume-building experiences will grow your network and prepare you to succeed professionally or in graduate school.

Students in our mathematics program will:

  • Use logical reasoning to draw inferences from a given set of premises and apply mathematical principles to formulate solutions
  • Write precise mathematical proofs to validate results
  • Learn to leverage computational and visualization tools – including software programs like Wolfram Mathematica, MATLAB, and Maple – to strengthen comprehension and problem-solving skills
  • Research expository articles and present on topics related to course curriculum
  • Expand abstract thinking skills, identifying universality from different phenomena or situations
  • Utilize R programming language to complete statistical analyses of student survey data

Experience is Everything

Program Options

The Major

As a math major, you’ll master a broad range of core mathematical concepts, including calculus, linear algebra, real analysis, and statistics. You’ll also develop strong computational and abstract-thinking skills while specializing in one of our two concentrations: pure mathematics or actuarial science. Students in this major can earn a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics or a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

Graduates of our program frequently go on to work as statisticians, mathematicians, actuaries, quantitative analysts, and math teachers, or pursue advanced degrees.

Gain an in-depth understanding of pure math in preparation for graduate school, teaching, or a career as a mathematician. You’ll learn to create models to solve practical problems in business, government, and industrial or scientific research and development.

Learn the theory and practical skills of mathematics, statistics, finance, and economics to pursue a variety of careers. Insurance and pension companies need actuaries to assess risk and develop better insurance plans. Brokerage firms, banks, marketing companies, and government agencies need people who can analyze data, forecast trends, and assess loan risks.

View the Mathematics Major Curriculum

The Minor

In today’s data-driven landscape, employers across a wide range of industries value candidates with a strong foundation in mathematics. Develop your problem-solving skills while enhancing your professional prospects with a minor in actuarial mathematics or pure mathematics.
View the Mathematics Minor Curriculum

Customize Your Degree

Many math students choose courses, minors, or double majors in areas that will complement their skills such as:

”My dream job is to be a statistician and Suffolk University was my top choice. I like that the campus is in downtown Boston and surrounded by many companies. Suffolk has the best environment and helps students become more confident and develop leadership skills.”
Nhi “Snow” Dang, Class of 2025 Mathematics Major, Computer Science Minor

Beyond the Classroom

Students in a math class smiling

Suffolk University Math Society (SUMS)

Find fellow problem-solvers and dive into fun activities together to sharpen and expand your skills, such as:

  • Fast-paced Math Jeopardy
  • Competitive Integration Bees based on computation of integrals
  • Talks from faculty and students on special topics in mathematics like fractals, the history of the number zero, and even how to apply group theory to solve Rubik’s Cube
  • Group problem-solving sessions and video discussions

Putnam Competition

Train during practice sessions in SUMS and then see how you stack up against the top math students from across the US and Canada. Join your classmates each December for the prestigious Putnam Competition organized by the Mathematical Association of America. This challenging exam is an opportunity to test your skills and take your place among past successful Suffolk competitors, including a top-100 finisher from the 2021 exam.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

Enrolling in this transformative program funded by the National Sciences Foundation will allow you to gain rare, hands-on scientific research experience. Spend a summer working with students from other institutions at an REU site in Boston or across the country, with a stipend and travel expenses paid by the NSF. Many students who participate have their work published in math journals.

Student in a math class writing on a blackboard

Whether you’re exploring a career in teaching or looking for a rewarding part-time job, Suffolk offers mathematics majors many ways to apply your skills by helping others, including:

  • Peer mentoring students as a math tutor in Suffolk’s Center for Learning and Academic Success (CLAS)
  • Grading Homework for 100 level courses

Get more in-depth teaching experience in these hands-on programs:

  • Teaching Practicum: Students who want to pursue a career teaching math are required to complete their teaching practicum in a local school system.
  • MathShop: This semester-long noncredit course—offered to help students who need a refresher on basic math skills prepare for 100 math courses—is designed to be taught by upper-level math majors.

Student at the reception desk in the Career Center

As a Suffolk mathematics major, you will have your choice of rewarding career paths.

Many of our students pursue graduate and doctoral study at top institutions around the country. Our dedicated faculty are here to help students explore their options and assist them during the application process.

For those who embark on a career immediately after graduation, we offer a variety of internship and career preparation opportunities through our Center for Career Equity, Development & Success.

All students have many opportunities to network on campus and beyond. We encourage our mathematics majors to connect with peers and leaders in the field at events such as the Regional Mathematical Association of America Conference, during which our undergraduates have shared their work through poster presentations.

Success after Suffolk

Here's a sampling of recent graduates’ current job titles and employers.

Fuel Edit Specialist
EG America
Implementation Consultant
FAST Enterprises
Software Engineer
Google Labs
Sales Manager
Development & Training Assistant
Design & Development Associate
MG2 Group
Consultant, Product Analysis & Data Science
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Development Associate
Data Scientist
Flipside Crypto
Assistant Director of External Relations
Data Engineering Manager
Element3 Health

Continuing Education

Graduates of our program have gone on to earn advanced degrees in mathematics at prestigious institutions, including MIT, Rutgers University, Northeastern University, Boston University, Tufts University, University of Rochester.

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