Philosophy is the discipline that dares to ask big questions. “How ought we to live?” “How should society organize itself?” “What is human knowledge, and what are its limits?" “What is the nature of reality?” As a philosophy major, you’ll gain the tools you need to think critically—and seriously—about such questions. You’ll learn to evaluate rational arguments, engage in meaningful debate, and cultivate your own philosophical position.

Every week the Philosophy department hosts an informal tea where students, faculty, and alumni can connect to share ideas and have open, philosophy-related discussions.
Every week the Philosophy department hosts an informal tea where students, faculty, and alumni can connect to share ideas and have open, philosophy-related discussions.

Our faculty will ground you in both the continental and analytical traditions, while our smaller discussion-focused seminars will expand your worldview and challenge your perspective. Your studies will also include service-learning courses, internships, external lectures, and study tours that connect you with Boston’s rich intellectual history and robust academic community.

Everything leads up to the Senior Symposium, where you and your classmates will present your research to faculty and alumni. When you graduate, you'll be more than ready for law school, graduate school, or a career in journalism, politics, research, medicine, or law.

Students in our Philosophy program will:

  • Learn logical structure and apply it to philosophical and cross-discipline arguments
  • Cultivate a global perspective on philosophy
  • Participate in thoughtful class discussions and debates with peers and faculty
  • Hone your critical thinking skills and use them to assess and construct arguments
  • Investigate ethical reasoning and the justification of the principles of ethics
  • Enhance and expand your communication skills, both written and oral
  • Develop a philosophical position and present it in a public forum

Experience is Everything

Program Options

The Major

Our curriculum provides students with a solid foundation in ancient philosophy, modern philosophy, logic, and ethics. From there, you can tailor your degree to fit your interests with electives ranging from the philosophy of art and feminism to environmental ethics, bioethics, and existentialism.

We also feature courses outside the western tradition, including Chinese philosophy, Buddhism, Africana philosophy, and Native American religion. In advanced seminars, you can delve into the works of the great philosophers—Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Heidegger, Wittgenstein, and others—or take a topical course like Truth, Lies, and BS, Advanced Formal Logic, or Ecofeminism.
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The Minor

Enrich any undergraduate major with a philosophy minor. Through two required courses and three electives of your choosing, you’ll ponder enduring questions, concepts, and works while sharpening your critical thinking and communication skills.
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Customize Your Degree

Many philosophy students choose courses, minors, or double majors in areas that will complement their skills such as:

Our Students & Alumni

Beyond the Classroom

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The Suffolk Philosophy Society

Discuss the nature of being and other philosophical questions over coffee with your fellow students and professors. The Philosophy Society gathers weekly to attend lectures, discuss readings, and host guest speakers, taking full advantage of both the Suffolk and Greater Boston philosophical communities. As a member, you'll make connections with your peers, your professors, and other leading scholars in the field.

Events & Activities

At Suffolk, you’ll immerse yourself in other perspectives and traditions by participating in events with our robust global, cultural, and affinity organizations. You’ll have ample opportunity to apply the knowledge you learn in class – from crafting compelling arguments as a member of our competitive debate, mock trial, or model UN teams to reflecting inwardly during yoga and meditation sessions at our Interfaith Center.

Study Abroad

We encourage our philosophy majors to study abroad, and students gain tremendous insight from their experiences in Rome, Florence, London, and other international destinations.

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Senior Symposium & Capstone Paper

As a senior, you’ll participate in the Department's annual symposium, a lively dialogue and discussion of ideas. Following the same procedures as the Dialogues of Plato, students each deliver a speech on a philosophical argument or idea, followed by responses from classmates. Themes are chosen in advance. Previous topics include:

  • The good life
  • Chaos, order, and harmony
  • Truth, illusion, and reality
  • Aesthetics
  • Self-knowledge

The symposium represents the culmination of your studies at Suffolk and includes a capstone paper developing your philosophical position.

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Our faculty will work with you one-on-one to explore your interests and prepare for a rewarding future. Whether you want to pursue a full-time position or apply to law or graduate school, we will help you gain the skills and self-knowledge you need to feel confident in your next step.

Internships & Careers

As a graduate of our program, you’ll apply critical reasoning to help address real-world challenges. Interning at nonprofits, government agencies, think tanks, and other sites during your time here will help you build experience and refine your goals for the future.

Suffolk’s Center for Career Equity, Development & Success will also help you further explore career options, plan your path, and land your dream internship or job. You’ll find practical help, like how to write an effective résumé or LinkedIn profile, along with valuable connections to leading employers and successful alumni.

Success after Suffolk

Here's a sampling of recent graduates’ current job titles and employers.

Knowledge Base Associate
Research Associate
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Artist in Residence
Elsewhere Studios
Middletown Board of Education
Onboarding Specialist
School of the Alternative
Investigative Paralegal
Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP
Music Therapist & Mental Health Clinician
Arlington Youth Counseling Center
The Boston Consulting Group
Adjunct Faculty
Community College of Rhode Island
American Tower
Probate Clerk
Shapiro & Shwartz LLP

Continuing Education

Our graduates go on to pursue graduate studies and law degrees from prestigious institutions, including Cornell University, Boston University, Northeastern University, Suffolk Law School, and Case Western Reserve University.

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