Religious Studies Minor

Suffolk’s religious studies minor is an interdisciplinary program designed to give students the opportunity to explore world religions and examine the impact of religious ideas, dogmas, and practices on societies. You'll study both Western and non-Western cultures—from ancient civilizations to modern times—to expand your understanding of religious thought, human consciousness, and your own humanity.

As a student in Suffolk’s religious studies minor, you will:

  • Develop your critical thinking skills
  • Experience personal, religious, secular, and/or spiritual growth
  • Learn methods for cross-cultural and comparative thinking
  • Hone your writing and research skills
  • Cultivate a global awareness and sensitivity to other cultures

Student lighting a candle during the Festival of Lights
Students, faculty, and staff join together for the Interfaith Center’s yearly Festival of Lights, a multicultural and interfaith celebration of the winter season.

Religious Studies Program Overview

Who should take the Religious Studies Minor?

This minor attracts students from across all disciplines and departments and can complement any major. Students frequently pair the minor with a major in philosophy, PPE, political science, history, English, and Global Cultural Studies.

The Minor

All students in the religious studies minor take the same foundational courses in Eastern and Western religious traditions. From there, you'll choose four courses out of a wide range of disciplines, including English, history, government, philosophy, and sociology. You can also pursue research or field studies through an independent study course.
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Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Unity banner in the Interfaith Center

Interfaith Center


00:02 This is the Suffolk University Interfaith Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

00:10 I am the University Chaplain, Reverend Amy Fisher, and I’m also the director of this Interfaith Center.

00:22 We welcome absolutely everybody.

00:25 The Interfaith Center serves all students, all staff, and all faculty of all religions, and I define religion as an orientation toward life.

00:40 We have this office space where we can have private individual counseling with any student, staff, or faculty.

00:47 We have a welcome area in the front, and then we have a larger area in the back where we can have forums, Vinyasa yoga classes, Tibetan Buddhist meditations.

00:58 We also have prayer rugs that point in the direction of Mecca.

01:02 Humanists will meet in here, Christian Bible study, Suffolk Hillel or our Jewish Organization.

01:08 So, it’s a very diverse room in the sense that it can accommodate a variety of activities.

01:20 We also have a distinct area slightly down the hall, which is very important because it’s the only gender-inclusive ablution area, really I think anywhere.

01:31 We have two dedicated areas that anyone can go in, close the curtain, and make Wudu or make ablution.

01:38 Then, you go in a private area and now you are clean and able to pray.

01:46 Everyone has an orientation toward life.

01:48 Come and find out about other people’s orientation and then maybe the world would be a tiny bit more peaceful if you learn a little more about yourself and a little more about someone else.

The Interfaith Center

At Suffolk, you’ll immerse yourself in other perspectives by participating in events through our robust global, cultural, and affinity organizations and our Interfaith Center. The Interfaith Center unites the Suffolk community via a number of set events and specific resources dedicated to our student, staff, and faculty of all backgrounds. Learn more about the center’s religious, secular, and spiritual gatherings and resources.
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Interfaith Scholars

The Interfaith Scholar position allows an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in philosophy, religious studies, or politics, philosophy & economics (PPE) to gain hands-on experience fostering open and inclusive religious dialogue on campus. As an Interfaith Scholar, you’ll work with the Interfaith Center and the Philosophy Department to plan and execute programming such as lecture series, academic forums, and other events that educate our community and help spark meaningful conversations about faith, equity, and diversity.

Upcoming Events at the Interfaith Center

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