Global Cultural Studies Major

The major in Global Cultural Studies will prepare you for work and citizenship in an interconnected world where boundaries between nations and cultures are disappearing. This new interdisciplinary major will foster understanding and skills to enhance your ability to collaborate in international contexts.

Through this humanities-based program, you will receive a practical and theoretical education that is essential for understanding cross-cultural encounters and engaging the complexities of the world.

The Global Cultural Studies Major offers a variety of courses across departments including Communication and Journalism, Economics, English, Government, History, World Languages and Cultural Studies, and more. With opportunities for local, national, and global experiential learning, you will be well equipped to enter the global environment.

With four concentrations to choose from, you can focus your studies around your personal interests.


Through this concentration, you will understand cultural issues and the power dynamics inherent in transnational and cultural relations. You will learn to discuss the role of communication in constructing the nature of interpersonal and intercultural relationships while acquiring knowledge and skills that increase intercultural competence.

The Global Business concentration within the Global Cultural Studies (GCS) program is for CAS students who wish to pursue careers within international business organizations or a global business environment. As a CAS student, this concentration will provide you with a business foundation while allowing you to achieve synergies between a business career, the study of world cultures, study abroad, and language acquisition. This concentration will help you combine business practices and cultural knowledge and will prepare you for a career in global societies.

Through this concentration, you will understand the important roles that the arts, including literature, fine art, theater, cinema, and design, have played in human societies and history. You will develop a keen aesthetic sense supported by context of culture and acquire excellent research, analytical, and international communication skills.

Through this concentration, you will develop skills to succeed in global societies and prepare for careers specializing in, or engaging with, other regions of study. You will develop analytical and critical skills that will lead to an understanding of global identities and processes by engaging with the notions and traditions of regional study. This concentration promotes Study Abroad and language acquisition as direct ways to develop empathy and greater intercultural communication competency.

Study Abroad

Study abroad and language immersion are the most direct ways to develop empathy across cultural, economic, historical, geographical, political, religious, and social boundaries. All students who participate in this program are urged to pursue foreign study.

Suffolk has many International University Program partners are available to study at as well.

Courses & Requirements

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