Why limit yourself to just one field of study? At Suffolk, you can major or minor in what interests you most—even (and especially!) if those interests cross the usual academic borders. No matter which interdisciplinary option you choose, you'll gain new perspectives through a multitude of intellectual lenses.

Interdisciplinary Majors & Minors

Examine cultures and societies in the United States, past and present. You'll create an individualized course of study that draws on insights and methods from the arts, history, literature, and the social sciences.

Develop knowledge of the managerial, financial, and legal needs of arts organizations, including marketing and outreach programming for the arts and grant writing.

This immersive major weaves together coursework that explores every aspect of the Asian experience. You’ll become an expert in the evolution of Asia from ancient times to the modern day, told through economics, history, literature, philosophy, politics, and religion--and master at least one Asian language.

This minor is completely inclusive of the Black experience, a central part of the history of the world and particularly the United States. Students gain an understanding of themselves in relation to their various communities, including neighborhoods, cities, states, nations, and the world.

As a student in the College of Arts & Sciences, you have the unique opportunity to design your own major. You can do this by taking courses from two or more departments or programs. 

Focus on the foundational texts and artistic expressions of the Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian traditions in order to discover the qualities that make these works enduring in relevance.

Fascinated by how law enforcement uses science to solve crimes? This minor will teach you the science behind the crime fighting and give you the tools to get involved.

This honors major provides interested and qualified students the opportunity to explore the relationship between history and literature. You'll take classes in both disciplines, culminating in a senior project that ties the two together.

Gain a foundation in policy, ethics, and economics to develop a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of contemporary and enduring social issues.

Explore the various depths, dimensions, and meanings of world religions. You’ll explore various religious thought and doctrines to develop a deep understanding of how religious ideas and practices impact the world.

Learn how gender structures people's personal lives, families, careers, and social environments. You’ll develop skills in analysis, critical thinking, theoretical understanding, and practical application.