Women's & Gender Studies Minor

As a women’s and gender studies minor, you'll examine the ways in which gender structures our ideas, social institutions, and cultural practices. You'll explore how gender shapes our understanding of ourselves and our place as individuals in society.

As an interdisciplinary program, the Women's & Gender Studies minor draws on insights and analytic tools from the arts and media, history, literature, and the social sciences.You'll have the power to direct your studies: You'll choose four electives from our rich array of classes in addition to taking one required course.


Bobbi Van Gilder, Ph.D
Women & Gender Studies Program Director
Assistant Professor
Communication, Journalism & Media

Barbara Abrams, Ph.D
History, Language & Global Culture

Katherine Horn, Ph.D

Marjorie Salvodon, Ph.D
Associate Professor
History, Language & Global Culture 

Pat Hogan, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer
Communication, Journalism & Media

Hyson Concepcion
History, Language & Global Culture

Courses & Requirements

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