Global & Cultural Communication Major

The Global and Cultural Communication major provides students with an understanding of cultural differences and their influence on intercultural and intergroup relations. With a focus on issues of equity and social justice, students will develop practical skills for communicating effectively across difference and for creating positive social change.

You'll start by taking two foundation courses that focus on effective speaking, concise writing, and critical thinking. Then you’ll enter the experiential phase, where you’ll gain specific knowledge and hands-on experience in global and cultural communication.

Studying communication around the world and among various cultures will help you communicate with diverse audiences. In this major, you'll analyze cultural values, norms, and behaviors. You'll critique global media and the messages they send, analyzing global Hollywood, the images of Muslim women in transnational media, the information society, and global social movement, among other topics. And you'll study how rhetoric helps shape personal and cultural identities worldwide. You'll also explore emerging trends in global, ethical, legal, political communication, and social justice issues in the context of cultural theory.

Courses & Requirements

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