Media & Film Major

The Media/Film major helps students develop an understanding of the media’s political, social, and cultural role in societies, while simultaneously learning to become creative visual storytellers, primarily in documentary and news content, through the development of hands-on video production skills.

Media and Film students create stories that matter and craft compelling narratives, harnessing opportunities in the golden age of nonfiction filmmaking. They also learn to analyze the media as change agents and industries. They work closely with other talented and passionate students collaboratively and realize ambitious projects in a supportive environment. Students develop a unique, artistic voice as they delve into their personal history. They work with internationally recognized faculty and staff who have won awards and published books and learn with professionals who are active in their fields. Students can further advance their skills through on campus employment such as TV studio production assistants, media lab assistant, research assistant.

Students will have an opportunity to showcase their work in film festivals in in the Northeast—a burgeoning center for nonfiction filmmaking—and present their academic work in national and international conferences. Graduates work as directors, producers, editors, cinematographers, and entrepreneurs in the industry. Our graduates have found jobs on public television series (American Experience), television networks (PBS, HBO), and the media departments of companies and universities. Others have established their own media companies and work with non-profit and corporate clients. Come and join us as we work toward a better world through storytelling!

Courses & Requirements 

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