Media & Film Major

The Media/Film major helps students develop an understanding of the media’s political, social, and cultural role in societies, while simultaneously learning to become creative visual storytellers, primarily in documentary and news content, through the development of hands-on video production skills.

Media and film are dynamic concepts that are constantly evolving; therefore, students need to prepare themselves to be adaptable creators in the industries. To that end, the major guides students through considerations of both practical and critical nature to ensure that students learn how the two areas exist with mutual benefit to one another. Upon graduation, students are prepared for both practical work in the industry and graduate studies in film or media theory or a specialized production area.

Internships are highly encouraged, and students regularly intern at production and post production houses in the city and Boston metro area, as well as TV stations, such as PBS. Many also intern on movie sets, as Hollywood productions regularly shoot in the city.

Courses & Requirements 

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