History Major

To be a history major, you need to be curious. You’ll become an investigator into the minds, motivations, and movements that shaped our world, all while studying in one of the most historic cities on earth. At Suffolk, you’ll sharpen your analytical and critical-thinking skills to interpret the past, contextualize the present, and frame the future.

You'll customize your studies by selecting a concentration in either United States history, regional and global histories, or public history. Whichever you choose, you won't just study history: you'll engage with it. Suffolk University professors encourage classroom debate and rigorous research, and they'll prepare you for a career that requires you to ask challenging questions and provide well-articulated answers, from law to education to journalism to business.

You’ll also have the rare opportunity to earn college credit while interning at one of the region’s many historical societies and museums, like the USS Constitution and the Massachusetts Historical Society. You’ll have unparalleled access to rare archival resources, such as collections at the Boston Public Library, too.

You can specialize in African history, Asian history, American history, and women’s history, with upper-level classes tailored to your focus. Plus, Suffolk is home to a branch of Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honor society.


Courses & Requirements

Learn more about the classes, requirements, and different options available to complete the program.