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Explore history and culture in Boston and beyond

At Suffolk, you can study locally and think globally. We are a multidisciplinary department: Students and specialists in history, language, literature, art, and cultural studies exchange ideas here every day. And you can study abroad to further broaden your perspectives and deepen your understanding of our world.


History is a gateway to both knowledge and perspective. History students at Suffolk University develop skills in logical reasoning, research, marshaling evidence, argumentation, and written and oral expression. Learning opportunities range from project development and management to internships at Boston's historic sites, in government and business, and in community nonprofits. Whether you major or minor in history, you'll be well positioned for professional success in many fields, from law and business to public history (the teaching, interpretation, and preservation of the past at museums and historic sites), teaching, public service, and the media.

History in Action

The Freedom Trail. The Old State House. The Charlestown Navy Yard. Bunker Hill. At Suffolk, these landmarks are your campus. Here, in a city rich with culture and steeped in history, our neighborhood is a mosaic of major moments in time.

Best of all, you’ll watch history being made: Suffolk is home to the Ford Hall Forum, America’s oldest free public lecture series. We’re known for hosting speakers who’ve changed the course of world affairs—from First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, to civil rights leaders Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr., to feminist pioneer Gloria Steinem.

Cultural Studies

Whether you study Spanish, art history, or one of Suffolk's other programs, you can study abroad! If you choose to study in Spain, you'll find that Spain's flourishing capital boasts the world-class “Golden Triangle” of museums: the Prado, the Reina Sofia, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza. And of course, Madrid is the ideal place to perfect your Spanish language skills!

The department's interdisciplinary, humanities-based program, Global Cultural Studies is a program where you will receive a practical and theoretical education that is essential for understanding cross-cultural encounters and engaging the complexities of the world.

Once you've graduated, you'll have many options. You might enroll in law school or pursue graduate studies. Perhaps you'll work with nongovernmental organizations or get hired by a multinational corporation as an interpreter or translator. You may even enter politics or serve in the diplomatic corps, or engage in social activism and act as a liaison between the United States and other nations.

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History, Language & Global Culture Department

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