Criminal Justice Major

Majoring in criminal justice will provide you with a rigorous study of criminal justice systems and community responses to crime. Our interactive approach to learning focuses on fostering an understanding of crime and the principles of social scientific research. Throughout your studies, you will examine how illegal behavior is defined, with special attention to how social inequalities of race, class, gender, sexuality, and age shape what is seen as crime and what is seen as justice. The intersections of criminal justice and social justice are emphasized in our curriculum.

The criminal justice major is an excellent starting point for those interested in careers in law enforcement, government, the non-profit sector, law, and community and victim advocacy. Recent graduates have worked for federal, state, and local governments as police officers, probation officers, and correctional officers. Graduates have also gone on to work for non-profits that address the needs of youth who are at-risk of delinquency, formerly incarcerated individuals, victims of sex trafficking, and families and communities in need of support.

Advancing Your Studies

Students with an excellent academic track record are eligible to complete their undergraduate and graduate coursework at a faster rate in Suffolk's Accelerated Crime & Justice Studies (MSCJS) Degree Program. Students in this program may substitute two graduate-level classes for undergraduate courses, and to work to finish both degrees in five years.

Courses & Requirements

Learn more about the classes, requirements, and different options available to complete the program.