Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Degree in Crime & Justice Studies

You’re passionate about crime and justice issues in society and think you want to major in Sociology or Criminal Justice. Have you thought about what comes next? If you want to work in criminal justice organizations, social services, or government, you can put your career on the fast track by earning a graduate degree, too. At Suffolk University, you can accelerate your studies and earn your undergraduate degree and a Master of Science in Crime & Justice Studies in just five years.

This dual-degree program is open to Criminal Justice majors and Sociology majors with at least two CJU electives. You’ll take two graduate-level courses in your senior year and then complete your graduate studies in a fifth year (full-time)—saving both time and tuition.

Your graduate courses will enhance the knowledge and skills you gained as an undergraduate. You’ll be able to explore the field of crime and justice more deeply with a concentration in victim advocacy or youth, crime, and justice. You’ll also get firsthand experience in the field with our internship courses.

Admission & Degree Requirements

This program is designed to provide an accelerated path for undergraduate Criminal Justice and Sociology majors to obtain a Master’s degree in Crime & Justice studies quickly and at a reduced cost. Students benefit from the experience of a smooth transition from undergraduate to graduate study in a familiar environment; many will be able to continue research with faculty mentors.

Admission Requirements

  • Nomination by a member of the Sociology and Criminal Justice Department faculty
  • Junior class standing
  • An overall GPA of 3.3 or higher
  • A major GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • For Criminal Justice majors: completion of a minimum of four undergraduate criminal justice courses
  • For Sociology majors: completion of a minimum of two undergraduate criminal justice courses and two sociology courses
  • Completion of the standard Suffolk University graduate application
  • Priority application deadline is March 15 of the junior year (with enrollment in the first semester of the senior year); rolling admission thereafter, on a space available basis
  • Approval of the MSCJS Graduate Admissions Committee

Degree Requirements

  • Students admitted to this dual-degree program must meet all the requirements of an undergraduate criminal justice degree or sociology degree with at least two CJU electives.
  • Students must also meet all requirements for the Master of Science in Crime & Justice Studies.
  • The two graduate courses taken during the senior year will count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree requirements. Credit hours will be awarded based on the graduate course description.
  • Before enrolling in any master's-level courses, students must obtain approval for classes from the MSCJS graduate program director.
  • Students are subject to the usual standards for academic standing, i.e., undergraduate standards for undergraduate courses and graduate standards for graduate courses.

Upon successful completion of all degree requirements, a student will receive a dual bachelor’s and master’s degree. The exact degree will be awarded based on the specific undergraduate program the student completes. A student may permanently exit the dual degree program and opt to graduate with a bachelor’s degree if all the requirements for a bachelor’s degree have been met. In this case, the graduate courses taken in the senior year will be counted as four-credit courses applied toward the undergraduate degree requirements.

Courses & Requirements

Learn more about the classes, degree requirements, and different options available to complete the program.

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