Interfaith/Religious Life

The Interfaith Center unites the Suffolk community via a number of set events and specific resources dedicated to our student, staff, and faculty of all backgrounds.
Unity banner in the Interfaith Center

Interfaith Center


00:02 This is the Suffolk University Interfaith Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

00:10 I am the University Chaplain, Reverend Amy Fisher, and I’m also the director of this Interfaith Center.

00:22 We welcome absolutely everybody.

00:25 The Interfaith Center serves all students, all staff, and all faculty of all religions, and I define religion as an orientation toward life.

00:40 We have this office space where we can have private individual counseling with any student, staff, or faculty.

00:47 We have a welcome area in the front, and then we have a larger area in the back where we can have forums, Vinyasa yoga classes, Tibetan Buddhist meditations.

00:58 We also have prayer rugs that point in the direction of Mecca.

01:02 Humanists will meet in here, Christian Bible study, Suffolk Hillel or our Jewish Organization.

01:08 So, it’s a very diverse room in the sense that it can accommodate a variety of activities.

01:20 We also have a distinct area slightly down the hall, which is very important because it’s the only gender-inclusive ablution area, really I think anywhere.

01:31 We have two dedicated areas that anyone can go in, close the curtain, and make Wudu or make ablution.

01:38 Then, you go in a private area and now you are clean and able to pray.

01:46 Everyone has an orientation toward life.

01:48 Come and find out about other people’s orientation and then maybe the world would be a tiny bit more peaceful if you learn a little more about yourself and a little more about someone else.

Our resources include:

  • The University chaplain
  • Seasonal celebrations
  • Meditation and Yoga
  • Worship services
  • Sacred text study
  • Lectures and discussion groups
  • An interfaith room where individuals and groups of any religious tradition may gather
  • A meditation room
  • An inclusive ablution area

The Reverend Amy L. Fisher, University chaplain, serves as a counselor, spiritual guide, educational advocate, and ethical voice on campus. She is happy to speak with anyone who has questions or concerns about:

  • Spirituality
  • Religion
  • Racial issues
  • Ethics
  • Morality

Counseling appointments available upon request. The Interfaith Center is open daily during the academic year during posted hours.