Faculty & Staff - Philosophy

The student is the central concern of the faculty in the Philosophy department. We have an open-door policy and are proud of the interactions and close relationships we develop with our students.


You will find our class sizes small; several advanced Philosophy courses have fewer than 15 students. We also provide independent study course options for interested students.

Name Title Email
Full-Time Faculty
Evgenia Cherkasova (PhD, Pennsylvania State University) Associate Professor, Department Chair echerkasova@suffolk.edu
Donna Giancola (PhD, Boston University) Associate Professor dgiancola@suffolk.edu
Jeff Johnson (PhD, Boston College) Senior Lecturer pjohnson@suffolk.edu
Montgomery Link (PhD, Boston University) Associate Professor mlink@suffolk.edu
Rachel McKinney Director, Politics, Philosophy & Economics Program (PPE) rmckinney@suffolk.edu
Chris Melenovsky (PhD, University of Pennsylvania) Assistant Director, Politics, Philosophy & Economics Program (PPE) cmelenovsky@suffolk.edu
Administration of Higher Education Faculty
Tryan L. McMickens (EdD, University of Pennsylvania) Associate Professor tmcmickens@suffolk.edu
Michael J. Siegel (PhD, Indiana University) Associate Professor, Acting Program Director msiegel@suffolk.edu
Emeritus Professors
Rudolph Zuckerstatter
Joseph M. McCarthy    

Part-Time Faculty

Part-time faculty may be reached at the main department phone number unless otherwise noted (617-573-8399). They may also be reached via the departmental fax number, 617-973-5323.

The part-time faculty office is located at 73 Tremont Street, 10th floor, Room 1069. 

Name Title Email
Amy Fisher (M. Div., Vanderbilt University) Campus Minister afisher@suffolk.edu
James Haag (PhD, Graduate Theological Union) Senior Lecturer jhaag@suffolk.edu
Brian Kiniry (MA, University of Wisconsin) Senior Lecturer bkiniry@suffolk.edu
Julia Legas (MA, California State University) Senior Lecturer jlegas@suffolk.edu
Jeffrey McConnell (PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Senior Lecturer jmcconnell@suffolk.edu
Guy Peartree (MA, University of Massachusetts) Senior Lecturer gpeartree@suffolk.edu
Alan Waters (MA, University of Chicago) Senior Lecturer awaters@suffolk.edu

Administrative Services Team

Susan Keefe
Administrative Services Manager
Office: 73 Tremont, Rm. 1033

Mary Anooshian
Administrative Coordinator
Office: 73 Tremont, Rm. 1061 

Jeffrey Fish
Administrative Coordinator
Office: 73 Tremont, Rm. 1081

Diane Hill
Administrative Coordinator
Office: 73 Tremont, Rm. 1053

Tegan George
Administrative Coordinator
Office: 73 Tremont, Rm. 1093

Erin Redmond
Administrative Coordinator
Office: 73 Tremont, Rm. 1004

Madelyn Soto
Administrative Coordinator
Office: 73 Tremont, Rm. 1055