Interested in education? Now more than ever, education professionals are needed to effectuate, manage, and implement promising practices and policies that lead to innovation and transformational change.
Suffolk’s multifaceted education programs emphasize theory and practice in a multidisciplinary fashion centered on critical exploration of issues of access, equity and inclusion. Our undergraduate and graduate programs prepare students to work ethically, collaboratively, and responsibly in P-16 educational sectors.

The City of Boston is renowned as an educational Mecca; home to renowned colleges, universities, non-profit organizations and educational foundations. Students are encouraged and supported to complement class work with experiential learning in service-learning courses, community-engagement projects, internships and onsite practicum experiences at area institutions and—of course—at Suffolk.

HOPE Connects Experiential Learning Lab

Helping Others Progress and Excel (HOPE) Connects is an experiential learning lab that helps others prepare for and excel at reaching their potential.

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“The AHE faculty encouraged us to be reflective and set concrete professional goals for our career. Learning how to be thoughtful and intentional has helped me maintain a big-picture perspective even when I’m fully immersed in the details of a project. Starting my higher education career at Suffolk laid the groundwork for what I’m sure will be a lifelong passion for supporting the missions of teaching, learning, and scholarship at institutions of higher education.”

Claire P. Scully, MEd ‘16 Project Manager, Office of Institutional Planning and Policy, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

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Our undergraduate and graduate offerings in Education will prepare you to become a leader in the field.

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