Public and Professional Writing Minor

As a Public and Professional Writing (PPW) minor at Suffolk University, you’ll study how audience, technology, and craft figure in writing for a variety of genres and modalities, both in digital and traditional print spaces.

PPW courses explore rhetorical conventions and persuasive elements of written discourse in the world of public opinion and advocacy as well as the workplace and other public-facing institutions.

If you minor in PPW, you’ll learn about the form and function of grammar, conventions of style, and ethical considerations when composing for a variety of readers in private, nonprofit, and government settings. You’ll learn how to analyze and write for a wide range of audiences, taking accessibility and usability of documents into consideration at every level. PPW Minors will also explore composing in contemporary and diverse spaces, such as digital and print publishing, visual rhetoric, documentation, and personal platforms. This minor pairs well with every major at Suffolk and also offers its own unique career pathways into areas such as publishing, technical writing, professional editing, and grant writing. Internship opportunities are also available through the English Department. You can learn more on our Internships/Careers page.

Courses & Requirments

Learn more about the classes, requirements, and different options available to complete the program.