Faculty & Staff

Full-Time Faculty

Field Name Title Email
Physics Oktay Demir Associate Professor odemir@suffolk.edu
Walter Johnson Professor, Director, Center for Multiple Realities wjohnson@suffolk.edu
Rachael Kipp Department Chair rkipp@suffolk.edu
Polievkt Perov Distinguished Instructor pperov@suffolk.edu
Stevan Radojev
Senior Instructor sradojev@suffolk.edu
Prashant Sharma Associate Professor psharma@suffolk.edu
Engineering Craig Christensen Associate Professor, Program Director cchristensen@suffolk.edu
Lisa Shatz Professor lshatz@suffolk.edu
Mohamed C. Zatet Associate Professor mzatet@suffolk.edu
Mostapha Ziad Associate Professor mziad@suffolk.edu

Part-Time Faculty

Part-time faculty may be reached at the main department phone number, 617-573-8230. They may also be reached via the departmental fax number, 617-367-5063. Part-time faculty offices are located in Room 621 in the Somerset building.

Field Name Title
Physics Changgeng Du Lab Lecturer
David Hoogewerff Senior Lecturer
Koduvayur Narayana Senior Lecturer

Professor Emeritus

Field Name Title Email
Physics Frank Feldman  Professor ffeldman@suffolk.edu


Name Title Office Email Phone
Melissa Muchmore Administrative Services Manager 20 Somerset, Room 622 mmuchmore@suffolk.edu 617-573-8663
Esther Anastasia Administrative Services Coordinator Ridgeway, Room 300 eanastasia@suffolk.edu 617-573-8230
Ollie Brocard Administrative Services Coordinator 20 Somerset, Room 727 obrocard@suffolk.edu 617-573-8246
Courtney Carrabino Administrative Services Coordinator 20 Somerset, Room 825 ccarrabino@suffolk.edu 617-573-8250
Anita Cheung Administrative Services Coordinator 20 Somerset, Room 522 acheung@suffolk.edu 617-223-4432
Tom Vales Lab Coordinator, Engineering Ridgeway, Room 300 tvales@suffolk.edu 617-573-5399