About Our Program

Suffolk’s PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology program is dedicated to using the science of psychology to empower underserved or marginalized individuals and communities.

Thanks to our perfect location in downtown Boston, doctoral students will have ample opportunities to apply their social justice–oriented education while working with the city’s diverse populations, pursuing career-building research collaborations, and interning at Greater Boston’s top employers.

Therapist working with a group of happy children

Program Overview

Developmental psychology—one of the most robust areas of the field—is concerned with all aspects of human development, from birth through old age. Applied developmental psychologists enjoy careers in many settings, including:

  • Education, from early child care through adult learning
  • Basic and applied research with diverse populations in both public and private institutions
  • Foundations, government agencies, and community/ nonprofit agencies that sponsor and implement intervention and prevention programs
  • Government, nonprofit, and private institutions that lead the way in policy related to children and families

Students will likely complete this program in 5–6 years and may engage in paid teaching or research opportunities offered by the Psychology Department and College of Arts & Sciences.