Philosophy Pathway

The pathway for philosophy majors allows students to complete all requirements for the core and the major in years 1-3. Following successful admission, students begin their first year at Suffolk University Law School in year four.

Consult the Academic Catalog for specific course options and the Law School website for admission information.

Pathway for Philosophy Majors (BA/JD or BS/JD Options)

Year 1

First-Year Writing I
First-Year Seminar
Math Core Requirement
Human Behavior and Societies Core Requirement

First-Year Writing II
PHIL-119, PHIL-120, PHIL-123, or PHIL-127*
PHIL Elective
Creativity & Innovation Core Requirement

Year 2

PHIL-113 or PHIL-212 (PHIL-212 required for BS students and highly recommended for all students who plan to apply to Law School)**
PHIL-210 (Ancient & Medieval)***
STE Core Requirement
Studies in Literature Core Requirement

PHIL-211 (Modern)***
STE (+ Lab if BS) Core Requirement
Social, Cultural, & Global Perspectives Core Requirement****

Year 3

PHIL Elective
PHIL 400-level course
VPATH Core Requirement (BS students only)
Elective (BA students)
Elective (all students)

PHIL Elective (PHIL 318, Philosophy of Law, is highly recommended)
PHIL-515, Senior Symposium

*Fulfills Ethical & Philosophical Inquiry Core Requirement

**Although numerous courses satisfy the Quantitative Analysis Core Requirement for the BS, PHIL majors may fulfill the requirement by completing Formal Logic (PHIL-212).

***Although numerous courses satisfy the Social and Intellectual History Core Requirement for the BS and the Social and Intellectual History/VPATH Core Requirement for the BA, PHIL majors may fulfill the requirement by completing PHIL-210 or PHIL-211.

****Based on availability, selected PHIL courses may be double counted to satisfy the Social, Cultural, & Global Perspectives Core Requirement, allowing additional free electives

Note: Students electing to follow the undergraduate Applied Ethics concentration in Philosophy need to use elective slots to take 513 (Internship) and three additional courses in ethics, political philosophy, or philosophy of law. With careful course selection, these courses may also count for other Core or Major requirements, allowing for more free electives.

Note for BA Students: The Modern Language requirement may be fulfilled by a competency level of 102 or above and a minimum of one language course in any language other than English. Exemption from the modern language requirement is granted at the proficiency level of 202 in any qualifying language.