Graduate Student Opportunities

You've got options. And you've got opportunities. Keep reading for more information.

MSCJS Fellowship

The Sociology Department awards a Program Fellow every year to defray costs of graduate school in return for 8 hours per week of work. All enrolled MSCJS students may apply for this position by emailing the resume to Sandy Ruelas ( by August 1 of any given calendar year. A candidate will be selected before the Fall semester begins, and the candidate will serve as MSCJS Fellow for both Fall and Spring semesters.

A 2017-2018 MSCJS program fellow has been chosen; we will no longer be reviewing candidates.

Alpha Phi Sigma

Eligible students have the ability to be part of the national criminal justice honor society, Alpha Phi Sigma. Graduate students must have completed four courses in criminal justice, have a minimum GPA of 3.4 and be in the top 25% of their class. The annual induction ceremony for Alpha Phi Sigma takes place in April or early May of each academic year.

Crime and Justice Graduate Student Association

The Crime and Justice Graduate Student Association (CJGSA) is an organization that was created as a means for students to come together outside of the program, not only for a chance to relax but with the purposes of networking. These CJGSA meetings are open to MSCJS students as well as any and all who have a passion for crime and justice.

If you would like to help in the planning of the events, students should consider becoming a member of the The Executive Board (E-Board). As an elected position, anyone who is a member of the MSCJS program may run for any of the following positions:

Vice President
Public Relations

As a member of the E-Board, it is a student's duty to guide the CJGSA and by extension assist the students of the MSCJS program. It is up to the E-Board to plan events, networking opportunities and plan the bi-annual finals gift. If you would like to run for one of the positions or take part in the open meetings please send an email to